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Internet Dating Vetting Tarot Reading

Internet Dating Vetting Reading

A while back, I posted an Internet Dating Vetting Spread – a handy little tool to use in shark-infested waters such as Plenty of Fish or other dating sites where the person you meet up with may very well to be turn out to be pretty much the opposite to how they described themselves. ┬áIf you’ve been on a few Internet dates, you will be looking at your screen with a knowing smile right about now.

Is it still worth it? Sure! But only if you can do it with absolutely zero expectations. Having a good a healthy dose of dry wit helps too. There are countless really funny and clever Internet dating blogs about for a reason; it makes for awesome story telling!

So if you like meeting new people, go to it, armed with the foreknowledge of a Tarot reading and your sense of humour.

I used the Tarot of Sexual Magic for the reading below:

Internet Dating Vetting Tarot Reading

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