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Transform Your Relationships With These Three Steps

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Are you tired of getting dumped?  Do you feel like you always get “lost” in the person you’re dating?  Are you tired of always feeling like you have to take care of other people just to keep everything sustainable in your relationship?  Are you tired of constantly experiencing relationships that just don’t last the way you want them to?

Yeah, I understand completely.

I used to constantly try to do things to please others. I used to try to make everyone else feel comfortable. I’d hone into their feelings so much that I’d get lost and have no idea what I was feeling. I constantly I felt like I had to be “Miss Fix-it”. I felt like I had to be the foundation for everyone else around me in order to maintain a sense of peace, harmony, and, well, sanity. I never felt like I had any room or right to share my own feelings and struggles because if I did I’d be placing too much of a burden on them than they are capable of handling.

Though some of these feelings were a mere block of my own perception (meaning, yeah it is okay to ask for help), with some of my relationships this really was true. They really couldn’t deal with me having my problems in order to give support – they just simply weren’t capable of it. Continue reading

Relationship turbulence, transformation and transcendence in the time of the Eclipse

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The Tarot Death card corresponds with the Zodiac sign Scorpio

A full solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio (ruler of sex, death and transformation) is not to be trifled with. Not all of the effects brought on by this eclipse will be felt by all people on earth but everyone will experience being thrown into the pressure cooker of this highly transformational eclipse, one way or another.

So what does this mean in terms of relationship turbulence, transformation and transcendence?

Sexual dynamics will change and having loveless sex will be experienced as quite painful on the level of emotions, even by those who normally get away with it. This is because the soul will be made aware of the true purpose of sex from deep within itself. Cheap counterfeits won’t be gladly accepted any more. Continue reading

Planet Venus

Venus Retrograde, The Transit & Relationships

Planet Venus


If you have been reading the Astrology forecasts for the Venus transit, you may be feeling a bit confused right now. There is talk of emerging divine feminine energy balancing the male energy which was purified during the latest eclipse of the sun.

There are whispers and rumours about preparing for Ascension in December… all very mystical and difficult to translate to practical day-to-day living for most of us (yes, that includes me!).

On a practical and scientific level it means that Venus (from earth’s perspective) will be crossing the surface of the sun between the 5-6 of June. This only happens every 100-120 years when we get two transits together, 8 years apart.

But the science and the mysticism of it all is probably not why you’re here. You want to know what this transit is going to mean to your relationship and how you can best harness the energy and magick of it all, right? Continue reading

Persephone with Pomegranate

Persephone’s Choice

Those of us who want to live in awareness on all levels of our being, those of us not content to ‘sweep stuff under the carpet’ often struggle to find a partner who is willing to ‘go there’… Every time we try to make a go of it with someone who is happily semi-unconscious, we find ourselves in the Tower space with the relationship sooner or later.

The Tower is a great force that trumps the oppression of The Devil. It is a necessary force for clearing out dysfunctional thought constructs and approaches but it is very tiring to go through this experience over and over again.

This is a spread for those of us who wish to manifest a relationship where both parties are awake, aware and doing the work ‘con gusto!’

Persephone's Choice 3 Card Tarot Spread