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The Reversed Queens - Tarot of the Ages

B*tch Please

Following yesterday’s post about the reversed Knights and Kings called 8 Types of W*nkers, it is only fair that we do a post on the reversed Queens too. You may think it’s unfair of me to only write about four different types of bitches when I’ve listed a […]

Knights - Tarot of the Ages

8 Types of W*nkers

THE 4 KNIGHTS Let’s start with the reversed Knights. Their inner wanker is always close to the surface and doesn’t need much of an invitation to come out to play. These blokes are still young and they wouldn’t know subtle if it hit them in the face. Brimming […]

Will He Call?

Will He Call? The Majors

Totally tongue in cheek… 0. The Fool – Maybe, and if he does, it’ll be when you least expect it. Probably in the middle of Christmas dinner at aunty Margret’s. 1. The Magician. Yes but I wouldn’t trust him quite yet. 2. The High Priestess. No. 3. The […]


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