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His true nature

Sociopath Survival Checklist

His true nature

If he would show his true face

You finally wake up from the nightmare that is dating a sociopath and look around you. You realise that he has taken everything, including the light from behind your eyes. He has been feeding on your emotions for X amount of time because he is incapable of real feelings and when he left he made sure that you felt intense pain because it made him feel slightly more alive than the undead, soulless creature he is.

What do you do next? How can you possibly rebuild your life? Where your heart once beat, you feel as if there is a big hole. Energetically, this isn’t far off the truth. The man you thought loved you, but who only played the part for as long as it suited him, has been feeding on your love without giving a shred of it back.

Yes, he bled you dry and now you don’t know how to regain your strength. Don’t worry. Once you cut all contact with him, you can start the healing process and know that full recovery is completely possible. Unlike the undead creature that is the sociopath, you can and will heal.

So here is a checklist to help you deal with the healing process. Continue reading