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Lenormand Meanings for Love & Relationships

Click HERE to download a free copy of the Deviled Ham Lenormand to use with Orphalese

Click HERE to download a free copy of the Deviled Ham Lenormand to use with Orphalese

The Lenormand system of divination based on playing cards keeps gaining popularity so it seems timely to introduce these cards here, with meanings that are specific to love & relationships. If you are completely new to the these cards, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m introducing the Lenormand oracle on my Facebook page with daily 3 card practice draws and tips on how to learn to read with the ‘Lennies’ as they are affectionately known.  Continue reading

Basics of Sexual Chemistry and Tension in the Tarot (Video)

image that captures the concept of chemistry and physical attraction

Chemistry. You either have it or you don’t. To most people, it is the key deciding factor of whether they will pursue a romantic relationship with someone or not. The problem is that it’s not always straight forward. Sometimes you feel the chemistry and the other person doesn’t – and vice versa.  It truly doesn’t matter if he or she ticks all the boxes on your ‘wish list’ – if the chemistry ain’t there, it ain’t gonna happen!

Today’s vlog introduces the principle of Elemental tension as the key underlying factor for sexual chemistry in the cards. I cover the Elemental difference between relationship harmony (nice for friendship) and sexual tension (totally necessary for chemistry). Once you have this easy-to-learn principle down pat, reading for chemistry will be a doddle. If you enjoy the video, please hop on over to YouTube, click like and subscribe. Thank you! Continue reading

How Long Should You Wait Before Having Sex With Her?

image of hot couple making out

Glad to see you here, man! That means you’re waking up. You’re rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and as you do, you begin to see clearly that you’ve been had by patriarchal misogynist propaganda. It never was she that needed lessons in how long to wait before having sex to not appear ‘slutty’ – it was you who needed to learn to open your heart and see sex as an expression of love.

There can be no sex without a lesson about love. Just because you have refused to see it in the past doesn’t mean the opportunity for growth and learning wasn’t there. Those of you who used to lead a zombified existence of ‘hit and quit,’ blaming the woman for being slutty and justifying treating her like dirt are now starting to wake up to the pain of your own cold-heartedness. Continue reading

A Letter from Venus

Beloved daughters,

There will be men who seek to possess you, not because of love but because of their own need and insecurities. They will not see the real you, only the portion of you that can meet their need.

You will fall for this until you have resolved your need to be needed. 

There will be men who will want you in the capacity of muse, for their inspiration so that they themselves will not have to dig deep but can channel your creative energy instead. Continue reading

Relationship turbulence, transformation and transcendence in the time of the Eclipse

tarot card image

The Tarot Death card corresponds with the Zodiac sign Scorpio

A full solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio (ruler of sex, death and transformation) is not to be trifled with. Not all of the effects brought on by this eclipse will be felt by all people on earth but everyone will experience being thrown into the pressure cooker of this highly transformational eclipse, one way or another.

So what does this mean in terms of relationship turbulence, transformation and transcendence?

Sexual dynamics will change and having loveless sex will be experienced as quite painful on the level of emotions, even by those who normally get away with it. This is because the soul will be made aware of the true purpose of sex from deep within itself. Cheap counterfeits won’t be gladly accepted any more. Continue reading