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Dating the Knight of Cups

Looking to date an über romantic guy? Need your man to compose his own love poems for you? The Knight of Cups is the guy for you!

This is the man who as a young boy used to include a handwritten poem in the Mother’s Day card. He is the one who used to get scolded for daydreaming by his teachers, but who stunned the very same teachers with his imaginative art, writing or musical composition.

Often quite shy with the opposite sex, he’s a later bloomer when it comes to dating and getting to any sort of ‘base.’ However, once he gets a handle on lurve, he’s firmly stuck on romance. He’ll never be single for any longer periond of time after that. And if he does have singledom enforced on him, he’s constantly yearning for and jonesing after the ever-elusive ‘One.’ Continue reading

Mary-El Relationship Tarot Reading

The Mary-El Tarot is a deck with so much oomph, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it ‘Tarot dynamite.’ Looking for a quick fix? This ain’t it! The Mary-El demands that you dig deep and look your Shadow straight in the eyes.

In the companion book, Landscapes of the Abyss (yes, it really goes that deep!), Mary White, the creatrix of both the deck and the book offers an amazingly insightful 7 card relationship tarot spread.

I thought I would give it a go…

7 card relationship reading with the Mary-El Tarot

7 card relationship reading with the Mary-El Tarot

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Damage Control Relationship Tarot Spread

Did it all go pear-shaped in the wake of the Eclipse? Did you find yourself doing or saying something really stupid that may have jeopardised your relationship in spite of the very best intentions and in spite of heeding the advice given in Five Relationship Survival Tips for the Shift?

You’re not alone! Relax and know that it happened for a reason. This shit needed to shift in time for the Shift… so it came out. Collateral damage was unavoidable. Forgive yourself and do the Damage Control Relationship Tarot Spread instead of wallowing.

tarot spread image

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Cheating, home-wrecking, sexual perversion and seduction in the cards

Click HERE to learn how to deal with a cheat!

Click HERE to learn how to deal with a cheat!

We’re coming up to Halloween, a time when much that has been hidden is revealed – often by the Tarot as this is a favourite time of year to give and receive readings.

Are you ready to face the truth if all is not what you hoped for?

Here are some card combinations for you to ponder if you are willing to not sweep the bad stuff under the carpet. Usually, the cards only serve to confirm your suspicions anyway. Your gut is pretty good at picking up on anything untoward…

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DIY Love Lyrics Tarot Spread

picture of an attractive younger couple

Sometimes we know that something is slightly off kilter in the relationship but we don’t even know which questions to ask to make it right again.

If you have a music app like which randomises songs, you can use it as an oracle to make your own Tarot spread. The randomly chosen songs can help you focus on the area of relating that is causing problems.

In order for this to work you have to suspend analytical thought for a while and surrender to synchronicity. Along a strictly logical line of thought, it may not make much sense to allow every third song on your Spotify love songs playlist tell you what needs fixing in your love life.

When I tried this for myself, the Great Oracle of Spotify gave me Continue reading