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A Letter from Venus

Beloved daughters,

There will be men who seek to possess you, not because of love but because of their own need and insecurities. They will not see the real you, only the portion of you that can meet their need.

You will fall for this until you have resolved your need to be needed. 

There will be men who will want you in the capacity of muse, for their inspiration so that they themselves will not have to dig deep but can channel your creative energy instead. Continue reading

Power dynamics and D/s – Mars in the Tarot cards

passionate dancing image

Which cards will reveal that what you think of as romance or even true love, is really a thinly veiled power dynamic with all the trappings of a passionate love affair? Before asking the cards, you will have probably already experienced the push-me-pull-you dynamic present in any relationship with power as a core theme. It could even be less subtle, in which case you would probably refer to this is a love/hate relationship.

Before looking at individual cards, I want to make clear that all relationship dynamics serve a purpose and hence there is no judgement associated with any of them. They exist to teach us valuable lessons and have been created by subconscious portions of the self, looking for an expression in order to be brought to the light and healed.

In the Tarot, cards indicating a (sexual) power dynamic often relate to the Mars cards. Mars is the masculine expression of the sexual energy and is found in both genders but to a higher degree in men since it is directly related to blood testosterone levels.

The Mars cards are: Continue reading

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Single and Happy Tarot Spread

Sexy vintage witch pic

Flying Solo

Whether you just broke up with someone or have been single for a while, this spread is guaranteed to make you the Sun of your own solar system. It is entirely possible to be happy and fulfilled as a single woman. In fact, I do believe the odds for happiness weigh in favour of us single ladies ;)

I created the Tarot spread below to help you remember that you are the brightest star in your own Universe as well as the source of your own light and happiness. You don’t need a man to shine, baby!

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