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The Karmic Cards and Their Meanings for Love & Romance Tarot Readings

The Karmic Relationship Tarot Cards

In last week’s 11 Keys – An Advanced Love Tarot Spread, I briefly mentioned the ‘Karmic Cards’ and I was asked by a couple of people to extrapolate on this. Essentially, these are the cards that indicate issues either carrying over from a past life (or many past lives) or lessons pre-agreed upon in the Life Between Lives. For those of you interested in exploring Life Between Lives, I recommend the book Journey of Souls by Dr Michael Newton.

A while back, I created a Past Life Connection Tarot spread. Before laying the cards out for this type of reading, I like to do a 9 Square to see if there is an indication of a past life connection. I want at least two of the cards listed below to show up. Continue reading

Past Life Lover Tarot Spread

Not being one to mull over past life stuff much, I felt compelled to do a Past Life reading based on an Aura reading I received last night.

The reader confirmed a past life I have known about for quite some time now. I certainly wasn’t Marie Antoinette but I lived a life as a woman during the French revolution – a life that sadly ended by decapitation. One glimpse of that life that I was given during meditation many years ago, was of me running to get away from the revolutionaries. I looked down at a black heavy skirt, cursing it for slowing me down as I was running across stone floors inside the monastery where I was hiding. Continue reading