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Sizzle or Fizzle Sexual Chemistry + Long Term Potential Tarot Spread

Today’s spread is based on the principles laid out in last week’s post for how to detect sexual tension and chemistry in the cards. Do check out the video if you have not done so already!

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Tarot Card Spread Image

Help I’m Hitched – Get Me OUT of Here!

Are you married or in a long-term relationship and less than delighted with how things are going? No matter what your situation is, this Tarot Spread can help you start turning things around by switching the focus from blaming your partner or outer circumstances to owning your own stuff.

*Magickal Tarot Tip*: It’s ideal to perform this type of reading on a Friday between 9-10 PM – the hour of the Goddess Venus. Light a pink candle and invoke the Goddess of Love for guidance and protection, if you like. Don’t forget to thank Her when you have completed your reading!

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long term relationship barbie

Keeping the Mystery Alive

long term relationship barbie

This is one of those pictures that says more than a thousand words! I found it first on George Takei’s FB page and you can find more like it on the excellent Mariel / Clayton photography page.

Having had the pleasure (or should that be ‘learning experience’) of two long term relationships, I know all too well how quickly the mystery can fade. That is why I have vowed this will not happen a third time (should I be so lucky!) and that is why I decided to create the Keeping the Mystery Alive Tarot Spread.

This spread doesn’t deal with the obvious issue brought up by the picture above so much (I will keep my private stuff private, thank you very much) but with the things you can do to keep things from getting stagnant and boring. Nobody likes to be taken for granted… Well, then consider this: What if you get taken for granted because you have forgotten how to treat yourself as special? Continue reading