Knight of Wands

XV Pan / The Devil - Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding

The Tarot Devil in Love

A good question to ask oneself when The Devil shows up in a reading is “Does this situation, thought, person or relationship limit my freedom in any way?” Sometimes the limiting thought is something that keeps us from engaging in pleasures of the flesh because of guilt programming […]

Knights - Tarot of the Ages

8 Types of W*nkers

THE 4 KNIGHTS Let’s start with the reversed Knights. Their inner wanker is always close to the surface and doesn’t need much of an invitation to come out to play. These blokes are still young and they wouldn’t know subtle if it hit them in the face. Brimming […]

4 Card Relationship Tarot Spread

A Little Respect

These Tarot spread and thoughts about respect were inspired by the daily “One Word… 60 Seconds” musings by Bonnie Cehovet. Respect is earned. First we have to earn our own self-respect by being true to our word. Then we need to maintain this self-respect through right relating. Respect is […]


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