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5 Steps to Being More Authentically You in Love


It’s in the air… the buzzwords ‘be true to yourself,’ authenticity, vulnerability, courage… Whether or not you are interested in Astrology, you’re under the influence of the current Venus retrograde and you’re forced to dig a bit deeper if you long for intimacy. Any romantic relationships that are less than authentic are dissolved. It’s as if the projections that usually glue us together with people with matching issues and compatible projection patterns simply aren’t strong enough.

What Venus, that indomitable Love Goddess, wants us to do in Her retrograde Shadow is to discern and dissolve any blocks to love, to have the courage to be honest with ourselves so that we can release the negative patterns and to start relating more deeply – from the heart. Continue reading

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Summer Holiday Blog Hiatus

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It’s time for me to take a little break….

Here’s your chance to catch up with some of the top Love Dove Tarot posts from the past (nearly) 6 months!

The Ultimate “Will He Come Back?” Tarot Spread

Love & Romance Tarot Card Combinations

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Top 10 Sex Tarot Card Combos

In previous posts, I have covered Soul Mate card combos and Love & Romance card combos. Today, I thought we’d take a closer look at card combos that guarantee you getting some.


The One Night Stand

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The Quickie

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Dating the King of Cups

King of Cups from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

King of Cups from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sensitive and caring, this man is often found working as a caretaker in some capacity. He could be a counsellor or a male nurse, a psychiatrist, tarot reader or a massage therapist. One thing is for certain, he is definitely in touch with his feminine side!

Intimacy is everything to this guy. He enjoys discussions about feelings the way an ordinary bloke enjoys a game of football and he’s also heavily drawn to anything mysterious. And before you ask – Yes, he’s a rare find!

Why? Because emotional maturity and genuine care about others come at a cost… especially for a man! How will a boy who is told that he is being a girl when he cries grow up with his feminine side integrated without shame or guilt?

Unfortunately, traits that are perceived as feminine in boys are still ridiculed by society and that is the real reason why there are so few men who feel comfortable owning their emotions. Continue reading

King of Pentacles - Crystal Visions Tarot

Dating the King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles - Crystal Visions Tarot

The Crystal Visions Tarot used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright 2011 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited.

“Carnal love: a practical man’s love. A love you can see, touch, and taste if you’re kinky. If you can’t hear it, you’re probably better suited to its more abstract form.”
― Benson Bruno

The King of Pentacles is the King of Practicality. He’s a no-nonsense family provider and businessman. He doesn’t waste time on dreams that can’t be turned into (profitable) reality.

He can be intelligent but is usually not too imaginative. He prefers the tried and trusted to novel ideas…. Unless, of course, there is a large sum of money attached to the end of it. He’s intuitive when it comes to making a buck but doesn’t usually extend his gut instincts to serve him in other areas.

Because the material realm is his domain, he can also be quite health conscious. Traditionally a Virgo male, he can even be fastidious to the point of OCD. Being male, he tends to not air his worries but tucks them in the gut where they can wreak havoc with his digestive system. His shady (reversed) aspects can be seen over at 8 Types of W*ankers.

Pros: He’s responsible. Stuff matters to this guy and he takes a lot of pride in his work.

This is one man you won’t have to teach how to floss. It’s more likely that he’s the one who’ll remind you daily about how flossing adds six years to your life.

If you like the idea of a big garden but aren’t too keen on doing the actual gardening, he’s your man!

Being quite conventional, he’s one of the safest bets if you’re looking to start a family. He takes his role as breadwinner very seriously which allows you to focus on raising the children should you so wish.

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