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Persephone with Pomegranate

Persephone’s Choice

Those of us who want to live in awareness on all levels of our being, those of us not content to ‘sweep stuff under the carpet’ often struggle to find a partner who is willing to ‘go there’… Every time we try to make a go of it with someone who is happily semi-unconscious, we find ourselves in the Tower space with the relationship sooner or later.

The Tower is a great force that trumps the oppression of The Devil. It is a necessary force for clearing out dysfunctional thought constructs and approaches but it is very tiring to go through this experience over and over again.

This is a spread for those of us who wish to manifest a relationship where both parties are awake, aware and doing the work ‘con gusto!’

Persephone's Choice 3 Card Tarot Spread