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When Sex Hurts

woman in pain

Before I delve into the delicate topic of women suffering from pain during sex, let me talk about what this article is not about; It’s not about BDSM or any kind of consensual pain-inflicting kink. Those of you who are hoping to for anything to get yourselves off with, are probably better off reaching for that worn and tattered copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

It is estimated that somewhere between 10-20% of all women suffer from painful sex.¬†While there are multiple articles online listing possible reasons for pain during intercourse, very few of them discuss this topic as an issue that concerns both parties, even though the pain can often be avoided by the man simply being better informed about a woman’s need for foreplay. While the man is rarely the root cause of the pain, he is responsible for making sure that the woman is not only pain-free but actually enjoy being intimate with him.

There are number of possible causes for discomfort and pain during intercourse and they can be divided into two main categories: Continue reading

7 Keys to Sexual Healing and Sacred Sexuality


It could be argued that all sexual activity is sacred. It’s part of the human experience and as such (unless it is abusive) it is sacred. However, the problem with sex is that most people engage in it without being mindful of their whole beings, focusing almost exclusively on achieving an orgasm. It is natural to focus on a built-in drive to satisfy a physiological ‘itch’… but is it healing and does it have anything to do with love and spiritual development?

Sex that leaves us feeling drained and fragmented is far too common these days; we have forgotten how to stay tuned into our bodies and fully present during the act. Tantra, which falls under the Sacred Sexuality umbrella, gives us tools and techniques for re-uniting with our bodies and bringing our whole being (mind, body and spirit) into the love-making.

But Tantra is not for everyone and much that is called Tantra in the West really isn’t Tantra at all. Having looked into Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, I feel that these 7 key points facilitate Sexual Healing in the truest sense: Continue reading

Codependency Tarot Therapy

Deck used: Vampire Tarot by Robert M. Place

Deck used: Vampire Tarot by Robert M. Place

It’s no secret that most relationship troubles stem from the fact that we try to make the other person responsible for our own happiness. To a certain extent we are all codependent… and very few of us have reached that place where we go, ‘Hey, wait a minute – until I take responsibility for this, I’m just running around in circles!’

Instead we request a reading, asking for when the next one will come along so that we can finally be happy. Yeah, we’re all a bit fucked up like that ;)

But fear not… Tarot to the rescue!

This little spread will help you unfuck that tendency to look for happiness in anybody but yourself. Using a dark deck is always a good idea when it comes to exploring our own Shadow.

Here are the meanings for each card position: Continue reading

Damage Control Relationship Tarot Spread

Did it all go pear-shaped in the wake of the Eclipse? Did you find yourself doing or saying something really stupid that may have jeopardised your relationship in spite of the very best intentions and in spite of heeding the advice given in Five Relationship Survival Tips for the Shift?

You’re not alone! Relax and know that it happened for a reason. This shit needed to shift in time for the Shift… so it came out. Collateral damage was unavoidable. Forgive yourself and do the Damage Control Relationship Tarot Spread instead of wallowing.

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Tarot Heart Healing with Katy Perry

Yesterday, I watched Katy Perry’s new video ‘Wide Awake’ for the first time. Wow! I spotted The Hermit straight away. It was pretty obvious that the song was about the breakdown of her marriage and the lessons she learned from that.

She’s embodying both Death (butterflies of transformation) and The Hermit and taking her inner child along on the labyrinth path to heart healing. Watch the video and you’ll know what I mean.

Four stages of initiation into self-love are clearly present in this video: Continue reading