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Why I Won’t Use the Tarot Cards to Help You Cheat



The Tarot is a set of 78 Keys for unlocking any blocks to perfect alignment with your Higher Self. In relationship readings, the goal should always be find the simplest solution (hint: the ego loves to complicate things) – this is the true essence of divination and in a nutshell how it differs from fortune-telling which is not concerned with spiritual laws, only with personal gain. Divination helps you align with the truth of your Higher Self and to live with integrity and this is how I choose to use the Tarot.

This is why the question you ask of the Tarot is paramount because not all questions can help you align with your Higher Self. Asking, ‘How can I make sure my lover stays faithful to me while my husband keeps supporting me financially?‘ (and many variations of this question) is quite possibly the perfect example of a question that simply cannot align you with the Truth. It is also, sadly, a question I get asked very often and the main reason why I have chosen to screen questions from prospective clients before I agree reading on them. Continue reading

The Sun

The Tarot Sun in Love

The mists of The Moon drift off to show us clear blue skies and a Sun joyfully beaming down on us.

To grasp the energy of this card, you merely have to step out into the sun on mild summer’s morning.

It’s full of promise, happiness, vitality, playfulness, confidence and faith that everything will turn out all right.

So what blessings does the Sun bestow on your relationship? A multitude – that’s for sure! However, just like the sun creates shadows, so we cannot fully expect to escape shadows when the skies are clear. Continue reading