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How to Argue with Your Lover

Arguments may be relationship killers but they cannot be avoided all together, so it is best to have a strategy for how to do it.  Ideally, both people should have the same strategy but even if that is not possible, you may find that implementing the steps below, will help calm and heal many situations that would otherwise get out of hand.

Pick your battles. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff. Arguing about small stuff is perceived as nagging and someone who is perceived as a nagger doesn’t get listened about the big stuff either.

Remind yourself that you love the person in front of you. In order to speak from a place of love (yes, it is possible even when you are angry!), you can try placing your hand over your heart before you start speaking. Continue reading

couple arguing

The WTF?! Tarot Spread

You have no idea WTF just happened. All you know is that he hurt your feelings really badly. This tarot spread will help you sort out what’s what and lets you know if the relationship is worth salvaging.

couple arguing

This little Tarot spread makes an excellent alternative to flying off the handle or damaging the relationship (and your own integrity) further by slagging your partner off to your best friend.

Just excuse yourself, seek  out solitude and pour yourself a cup or glass of something.  It’s time to tune into your intuitive self for guidance from your Higher Self with the cards instead… And if you need to take a few deep breaths and count to ten first, by all means do so! Continue reading