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compatibility checklist - spirit, mind, heart tarot spread

Compatibility Checklist

It may not happen any time soon but I will love again. Love is one of the main reasons to visit this planet at all…

I bumped into a friend in town yesterday and we ended up having coffee together. As we caught up with each other, it dawned on me just how much I was ready to level up in terms of relationships.

Next time, God willing, I will make sure that we are compatible right from the start. In fact, next time it will be the one God has in mind for me rather than the first best available remotely handsome bloke.

I don’t want a bloke at all. I want a man. A grown man who isn’t afraid to take responsibility and who knows he’s here to make the word a better place.

I told my friend I wanted someone spiritual. She asked me what I meant by ‘spiritual.’ That’s a perfectly valid question as we all have our own definition of the term. So I took a moment to really think about it before I answered…

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