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Love's True Nature

When Love Hurts – Handle with Care

One of the oldest myths on the planet is that love hurts. Love doesn’t hurt. Love doesn’t break hearts… fear does.

Where there is love, there is pain.

~ Spanish proverb

When someone decides to walk away from a relationship, it’s usually for any number of reasons except love. And usually, those reasons boil down to fear. Very often, it is even a pre-emptive strike because it is better to abandon than to be abandoned.


I decide to randomly pull a couple of cards – one for my own core belief about love and one for love’s true nature:

Love's True Nature

Tarot of The Ages

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Tarot Healing with Ariadne

XXI Triump - The World from the Lover's Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr

The Lover's Path Tarot

Ariadne (meaning most holy) is the Goddess of the Labyrinth. In the Lovers’ Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr, she and her husband Dionysus are depicted embracing in Key XXI – Triumph (trad. The World.) During her early days, as a human, she was a princess in ancient Greece.  She was granted goddess status by virtue of marriage to the god Dionysus.

We can turn to Ariadne when we feel lost and in need of guidance, for dream interpretation or when we need to heal a broken heart after the break-down of a relationship.

Ariadne was the daughter of the Cretan King Minos and his wife Pasiphae (daughter of Helios, the Sun god). She helped the famous hero Theseus, whom she had fallen helplessly in love with, to defeat her monstrous half-brother, the Minotaur. She gave Theseus a thread that would keep him safe and help him retrace his steps inside the labyrinth which imprisoned the Minotaur. Theseus was sent inside the labyrinth as a sacrificial offering to pacify the monster; with Ariadne’s help he not only slayed the monster but set the other humans waiting to be sacrificed free as well.

Although the Cretan people were relieved that no more sons or daughters would have to be sent to the Minotaur as a sacrifice, Ariadne’s betrayal had angered the royal family and Ariadne and Theseus had to flee for their lives.

Ariadne by John Vanderlyn

According to Ovid, Theseus abandoned Ariadne shortly thereafter during a pit stop on the island Naxos. This is where Dionysus found her — fast asleep. He fell in love with her and his love completely healed Ariadne’s broken heart. She was rewarded with true love and goddess status.

Ariadne is someone that all who have been betrayed in love can identify with. She is also an archetype that intelligent women who fail to be appreciated for their intellect will have affinity for. In the marriage between Ariadne and Dionysus, female intellect meets male chaos and ecstasy. In this union, you can expect something completely new to be born as neither of them are bound by tradition or gender roles.

Invoke Ariadne and invite her to speak through the cards. Pull one card for her to show you how past hurt is preventing happiness in love right now. Pull another card for how to reverse this influence. Finally, choose a card that represents what you would like to manifest.

Here are a few of the best love and relationship cards to choose from:

  • 2 of Cups (reciprocated love)
  • 3 of Cups (lighthearted fun and flirtation)
  • 4 of Wands (moving in together, marriage)
  • 6 of Cups (a soulmate relationship)
  • The Lovers (true love)
  • Knight of Cups (the knight in shining armour)
  • The Hierophant (wedding bells)
  • The Empress (to become more attractive to the opposite sex)

The Ariadne myth teaches us that life’s twists and turns can lead to something much better than we dared imagine. When a door closes, another one opens – sometimes during sleep when we allow the subconsciousness to inform us.  In the end, it is our own ingenuity and intuition that save us from yet another dud.

Hail Ariadne, Goddess of the Labyrinth!