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A Christmas Love Wish

9 of Cups - Arcturian Tarot card image

9 of Cups (the ‘wish card’) – Arcturian Tarot

Dear God/Goddess,

My Christmas wish is that all women, young and old, will feel deeply loved this Christmas.
Help them realise that true love comes from within and has to begin with Self.
Give them eyes to see their own beauty with, as well as to reveal the true intentions of men that cross their path.
Show them how they grow in grace, beauty and unconditional love through acts of compassion and service. Continue reading


Top 5 Beauty Tips


How you feel about yourself and the way you look affects your relationship with yourself and the one you love. Media capitalises on our insecurities and largely because of this, many of us spend most our lives feeling ugly and insecure and therefore enable to fully enjoy our relationships, love and romance.

How often does a first date centre more around the way you look than the excitement of meeting and getting to know someone potentially quite spectacular or the fun you could have together?

SHOCKING STATISTICS (Canadian study): Continue reading