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Beltane Angel & Tarot Love Spell

Beltane Angel & Tarot Love Spell

Beltane Angel & Tarot Love Spell

Happy Beltane! This is one for all you singletons out there!

Use the highly charged life force energy of this day to manifest true love in your life by writing a letter to the Angels.

If you have a spare Tarot card that represents the kind of love you wish for, you may want to include this in the letter.

For instance, you may wish for a soul mate relationship with someone that you have shared past lives with. In this case, include the 6 of Cups.

For true love in general, choose The Lovers or the 2 of Cups.

For the polyamorous among you, a better choice would be the 3 of Cups and if you are looking to settle down with someone, go for the 4 of Wands or the 10 of Pentacles. Continue reading