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10 Signs That You Are Dating A Giver

dating a giver


After last week’s post about Givers, Takers and Matchers in Love and in the Tarot, it was suggested on my FB page that I write a post about signs that the person you are dating is a giver.  The problem for me as a natural giver is that I tend to look for the positive first in everyone and that makes me believe everyone has good intentions. I’ve had to think long and hard about what separates us from the Takers and how they view us. I’ve also talked to friends about it to get a more detached perspective. The result is the following 10 signs:  Continue reading

5 Steps to Best Deal With Cheating

cheating symbolised by broken ace of hearts in a set of playing cards

Click HERE to find out how cheating shows up in the Tarot

Although no one wants to be in this place in his or her relationship ever, it happens, and it’s better
to know how to deal with it if it ever does. That terrifying moment when you find out that your partner is cheating on you.

I really wish no one the hurt of going through a cheat, but I really think that there needs to be some thought process put behind preparing yourself mentally for this situation. Not to be paranoid – just to make sure you deal with your situation in the best possible way. So, here are some tips to take into consideration when it comes to cheating. Hopefully you’ll find that they work. Continue reading

When Sex Hurts

woman in pain

Before I delve into the delicate topic of women suffering from pain during sex, let me talk about what this article is not about; It’s not about BDSM or any kind of consensual pain-inflicting kink. Those of you who are hoping to for anything to get yourselves off with, are probably better off reaching for that worn and tattered copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

It is estimated that somewhere between 10-20% of all women suffer from painful sex. While there are multiple articles online listing possible reasons for pain during intercourse, very few of them discuss this topic as an issue that concerns both parties, even though the pain can often be avoided by the man simply being better informed about a woman’s need for foreplay. While the man is rarely the root cause of the pain, he is responsible for making sure that the woman is not only pain-free but actually enjoy being intimate with him.

There are number of possible causes for discomfort and pain during intercourse and they can be divided into two main categories: Continue reading

He’s Not Over His Ex – What Should I Do?

He may look genuine but he isn't!

He may look like he is genuinely looking for love and commitment but he isn’t because he is hankering after his ex!

In these days of Online Dating it’s a bit too easy for people to quickly go on the Internet to find the next one before they are over their ex. The people who do this fall into one of two different categories:

a) the ones who don’t realise they are not over their ex
b) the ones who know for a fact they are not but won’t hesitate to use another person to try to get over their ex or just distract themselves from the pain

You need to watch out for both kinds because involvement with either type usually ends in tears. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule but here is why it’s not worth taking a gamble: Continue reading

Top 13 Dating Mistakes Women Make

princess with frog hand puppet dating mistakes image

Upon turning 15, we should have been handed a Dating Manual and a ‘Guide to How Men Think.’  However, most of us have had to learn the hard way what doesn’t work when it comes to dating. Here’s your chance to learn from other women’s mistakes. Or, if you are a slow learner, a reminder of past mistakes that you are better off giving a miss if you truly wish to manifest a loving relationship. Continue reading