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The Tarot 9's in Love

The Tarot 9′s in Love

The Tarot 9's in Love

Top Row: The Incidental Tarot
Bottom Row: Ramses – Tarot of Eternity

The number 9 relates to completion, fruition, integrity, idealism, the unseen realms, life review, wisdom, crystallisation, transition, the Third Eye, visionary leadership and protection.

The Tarot 9′s are a bit like the 7′s in that they often indicate solitude rather than companionship. This is by virtue of resonating with the Major Arcana Hermit energies. ¬†Energetically, there is a strong resonance with the Third Eye.

9 of Wands. Like the 4 of Pentacles, this is a card of boundaries. Often it indicates a need to draw new boundaries after betrayals and other harsh life lessons. Depending on the spirit with which these lessons are greeted, the person represented by this card can either choose to display sound boundaries or become jaded and cynical which then leads to isolation and an unwillingness to share oneself with others. Continue reading