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Top 10 Sex Tarot Card Combos

In previous posts, I have covered Soul Mate card combos and Love & Romance card combos. Today, I thought we’d take a closer look at card combos that guarantee you getting some.


The One Night Stand

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The Quickie

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Mini Relationship Reading

The Quickie – Relationship Tarot Spread

This mini spread is one you can use any time when you just want a quick overview of the relationship. It shows you the main theme, as well as the individual lessons of each person.

Pulling an additional tarot or oracle card is optional and please feel free to choose any deck you like.

I have chosen to illustrate this spread with cards from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot cards¬†(see a review of this deck HERE) and the Romance Angels Oracle.

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The Tarot 8's - Londa Tarot

The Tarot 8′s in Love

The Tarot 8's - Londa Tarot

The number 8 signifies abundance, harvest, transformation, cycles, diligence, prudence, strength, magnanimity, splendour, harvest, manifestation, jealousy and power.

In a relationship reading, the 8 is a number of complexity which often heralds the need for a resolution, either through cutting cords and moving on or through a singular focus. Either way, there is a need for clarity through communication, or else some really weird power dynamics could creep in. Continue reading