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The Tarot 10's - Ancient Egyptian Tarot

The Tarot 10′s in Love

The Tarot 10's - Ancient Egyptian Tarot

The 10′s are all related to the epic Wheel of Fortune. Hence endings and new beginnings are indicated. The battle between permanence and impermanence is in full swing and change always wins. ¬†There are opportunities both for shutting down and for expansion.

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Love's True Nature

When Love Hurts – Handle with Care

One of the oldest myths on the planet is that love hurts. Love doesn’t hurt. Love doesn’t break hearts… fear does.

Where there is love, there is pain.

~ Spanish proverb

When someone decides to walk away from a relationship, it’s usually for any number of reasons except love. And usually, those reasons boil down to fear. Very often, it is even a pre-emptive strike because it is better to abandon than to be abandoned.


I decide to randomly pull a couple of cards – one for my own core belief about love and one for love’s true nature:

Love's True Nature

Tarot of The Ages

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