Reading and Healing Services

gentle tarot and angel card guidance
Please  email me first to make sure that I am available. Read the fine print before getting in touch so that you understand the nature of my services fully.
Once availability has been confirmed, you can place your order by clicking the image for your chosen reading or healing service below. This will direct you to a PayPal payment page. If you are paying in any other currency than GBP, PayPal makes the conversion into your currency before the purchase is finalised.
No quibble 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with my service for any reason!

Life Purpose Reading – Click Card Image Below to Place Your Order 

This life purpose Angel and Tarot card reading includes a FREE Earth Angel realm reading. I use a picture of your face for tuning in and will use Angel and Tarot cards to tune in and help you align with your Life Purpose. £30

Health and Wellbeing Reading – Click Card Image Below to Place Your Order

This is a complementary Tarot and Angel card health reading which is in no way meant to replace advice or treatment by a medical professional. It addresses any underlying emotional and/or energetic issues to your dis-ease and provides advice on holistic/vibrational remedies and affirmations. Includes a distance healing session (see info for healing session below). £40

Quick Yes/No Type Reading – Click the 8 of Wands to Place Your Order

 Quick Yes/No Reading. This is for when you basically just want to know if you will get the job or have another simple yes/no type question for the Tarot.  Picture of card/s (up to 3) drawn included, along with a sentence or two about the situation. £10  

One Question In-Depth Holistic Tarot Reading – Click the Ace of Pentacles to Place Your Order

 The Tarot can be used to answer ANY question you may have! Picture of cards drawn included but no detailed descriptions of the cards or individual card interpretations, as the focus is on answering your question – not on teaching the Tarot.  £20

Tree Question In-Depth Holistic Tarot Reading – Click the Three of Pentacles to Place Your Order

(Same principle as the One Question Reading) You may begin by asking just one question if you feel that the other questions you want to ask depend on the answer to the first question.  £50 

Distance Healing Session/Top-Up – Click the healing hands below to place order

Spiritual distance healing. I work with Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and Archangels Jeremiel (my personal Guardian Angel), Raphael and Michael for this healing session. The session lasts 20 minutes and you don’t need to do anything to receive the healing but you can relax and enjoy the sensation if you prefer. If you wish to ‘be there’ for the healing session, we agree on a time beforehand. You can also choose to receive the healing energy in your sleep (while you are naturally deeply relaxed).
Spiritual healing does not constitute a cure to a physical ailment (although healing miracles do occur sometimes). Spiritual healing facilitates alignment with your Higher Self and helps you let go of any energetic blockages causing dis-ease. £20

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