Love Tarot Card Meanings & Combinations Index

Tarot Card Meanings and Combinations for Love and Relationships

The index below covers individual card meanings specifically for love and romance, including the Major and Minor Arcana as well as some of the key card combinations for Love & Romance. Scroll down a bit and you will also find some great Tarot learning resources which will help you become a better Tarot reader!


The Fool
The Magician
The High Priestess
The Empress
The Emperor
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Hermit
The Wheel
The Hanged Man
The Devil
The Tower
The Star
The Moon
The Sun
The World

22 Keys to Healthy and Happy Relationships

22 Things You Do Not Want in a Lover (Tarot Humour)

22 Ways He May Not Cherish You And What To Do About It 













Dating the King of Wands

Dating the Queen of Wands

Dating the Knight of Wands

Dating the King of Cups

Dating the Queen of Cups

Dating the Knight of Cups

Dating the King of Swords

Dating the Queen of Swords

Dating the Knight of Swords

Dating the King of Pentacles

Dating the Queen of Pentacles

Dating the Knight of Pentacles

Pages – Messengers of Love

Reading the Tarot Court Cards as Situation, Challenge, Opportunity and Action Advice


8 Types of W*ankers (reversed Knights and Kings)

B*tch, Please! (reversed Queens)


Love & Romance Tarot Card Combinations

Tarot Card Combinations for Soul Mates

Multiples and Pairings in Love Tarot Readings

Card combinations for tying the knot

Cheating, home-wrecking, sexual perversion and seduction in the cards

Card combinations that indicate reconciliation after a break-up

3 types of men to avoid – Spot him in the Tarot cards!


List of Yes / No Meanings for Love & Romance Questions

Will He Call? The Majors (Tarot Humour)

A few different tecnhiques to use for yes/no readings


Top 10 Tarot Tuition Tips

3 Steps to reading positive cards in negative positions

Avoid these top 5 Tarot reading mistakes!

Reversals and why I don’t use them

7 Ways to Invite Angels into Your Tarot Reading Practice

Top 30 Psychic Development Tips


Lenormand Meanings for Love and Relationships


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  1. Wow lisa, you have an abundance of information to help all of us learn tarot. I enjoy reading everything and look forward to receiving your emails. You really have so much great information, thank you for sharing. x

  2. Happy Holidays Lisa!!
    Me and this guy have been flirting a lot and just done a reading to see if we had a future together, some of the cards that came up were:
    KING OF PENTACLES (how he sees me) – Reliable, supporting.
    KNIGHT OF CUPS (what he thinks about our future relationship) – sentiment, romance
    4 OF SWORDS (what he wants from relationship) – I am truly confused! Does this mean that he is not ready? That he’s still healing? That he rather stay alone?
    8 OF WANDS (outcome) – I think we perhaps will come to a conclusion of giving this relationship a go.

    What’s your thoughts?

    Thank you :)

    • Happy holidays to you too! The 4 of Swords could very well indicate a need for rest/healing. You’ll find this card repeated in the reading I did for you and hopefully this will tell you the answer to your questions ;)

  3. Lisa: So I have two questions related to readings and would love to hear your thoughts.

    First, it is possible to influence the cards that turn up in a spread with wishful thinking? I often feel my deck likes to tell me what I want to hear instead of what is actually going on. : )

    Second, there are several astrology websites that have these apps where you can do a online tarot card reading. Do you think it is possible to influence something like that? The reason I ask is because I been watching programs on the Global Consciousness Project. The project uses random number generators planted all around the world. Data from these generators shows that during large scale events, the generators stop behaving randomly; Implying that human consciousness might be influencing the output. On a one-to-one scale, that being you and your computer, I wonder if it is possible to influence the outcome of a reading by these apps?


    • No, not really. But if you ask the same question over and over, the cards playing tricks on you :) The real danger is wishful interpretation of the cards and asking the same question more than once after an answer has been obtained. For this purpose, I recommend writing down the question before you do the reading, complete with the date of the reading and not read again on the same topics in two months.

      Yes, I do believe we can influence data with our minds but I can’t say to what extent.

      I also believe that it is easier to influence pixels in a digital deck than cards in hard copy but not sure why I believe that…? lol

      You raise some very good questions!

  4. Hello. I love this site and it usually answers my questions on certain tarot combinations but today I can’t seem to find the meaning of my cards pulled today for me. I pulled the 10 of cups (it’s a love reading) and a High Preistess “reversed” tarot card together. Can someone please enlighten me on the meaning of these two cards together? I’m confused since they are so different. Thank you. =.) #P.s The guy that im in love with…he and I are not currently speaking to one another.

  5. Hi… Really enjoyed reading ur posts. I m doing reading from past 2 years but still feel there is lots to learn. I really found ur posts helpful for readings.But these days I m stuck for reading for me. I break up with my boyfriend but still we are in touch n the way we broke up is really confusing for me. So I keep on drawing cards.. But when we break up, I got 10 of swords… Today I did it again , infact I keep on doing readings for me but everything is confusing for me… Today I asked in reading that do I have future with my ex then cards were page of cups, king of penticles, queen of penticles but court cards are generally for kind of person…. I m really confused… About what’s going on …. What he wants….. He says that still i want to be friends….

    • Hi Jasmine, glad you enjoy the posts! The situation you are describing is a prime example of when you should turn to a pro for help. You’re simply too attached to the outcome to read for yourself.

      • Hi Lisa
        Yes you are right!!! Don’t know after hurted by him…. I still feel like still he is the one for me…..I was draw the hierophant while looking future with him…. I feel like he is my soulmate…. After knowing what he did was not good n I m hurt….
        Thanks alot Lisa that u took time to reply on my comment…. :) I always get great knowledge while reading ur blogs:)

  6. I’m not sure if this goes here, here goes. My reading comes up, constantly, with the Ace of Cups, the 6 of cups, the four of wands, in answer to a relationship question with I woman I know feels very strongly about us. But… I get stuff like the Fool, the 8 of swords, and the five of wands and swords as energies in the same reading! 6 of cups and 5 of cups paired in the future, 5 of wands and the Fool for the present, me the four of wands-acr of Cups pair, she the 8 of swords-Empress pair. I have done hundreds of random readings over a two year period of this relationship that seems to never get started… or stopped. I am really confused. (Oh, and any, as in every single time, the answer to abandoning the not yet started love ends in complete disaster.)

  7. I moved to the US from Goteborgs in 1998. I miss Sweden, but suspect I am stuck here for a while. I do visit, quite often, however.

  8. I have really enjoyed reading all your posts about Love and the Tarot cards! I struggled in the past trying to interpret the meanings. Your posts have been very enlightening! Thank you!

  9. Have a question for you Lisa: most 6 of cups meanings I read point out nostalgia of good past times, yearning for what it was etc. You are the only one that has such a good opinion about this card. Or is it more to do with how it combines with other cards in the reading? (positive cup cards or major arcana)

  10. Hi – I’m quite new to all of this and don’t understand much. My fiancee came back from a reading and when she asked about our relationship and cards were pulled she had pulled in this order Nine of Cups, Temperance, and King of Cups. She told me what her reader told her but I would like more insight and perspectives please. Thank you. I hope this makes sense and that I’m explaining it right. Thanks.

  11. Hi Lisa,

    I love love this Tarot site. I won’t lie, I tend to turn to it almost in the way I would my best friends when it comes to boy problems (I am 19, in college, so yeah, there are defo boy problems every now and again). One thing I would like to suggest for a spread would be a ‘who would make me happier, boy A, B or C’ kinda spread? Or one that would show if he is dating other girls, in contact with ex, etc. These two are my own main concerns at the moment, and I can’t find a spread anywhere to help. I thought who better than you to suggest it to, and who will even but a bit of humor into it. What do you think?xx

    • Gosh, Rose, sorry for the late reply. Not sure how this comment managed to hide for so long from moderation! Thing is – I’ve already created a method for divining which lover would be the better choice – even made a video for it. Here you go: As for the other… yeah, I might make a specific spread for it at some point, but really almost any general purpose spread will tell you. If you are clear on which of the Queens is you, any other Queen will be the competition. Sometimes, if it’s a secret affair, she may show up as the High Priestess. Hope this helps :)

  12. I like this guy,and i asked the yes or tarot if he liked me back,If it is ‘YES’ does it mean he likes me back?

  13. Hi! Me and this guy recently broke up as he said he “just wanted to be friends” even though the chemistry was great. I have a “gut feeling” that it isn’t over. And keep on getting 6 of cups, the lovers, 2 of cups etc in readings. Plus for a “should I just give up on me and him” question, I got the moon..which I think is telling me to trust in my intuition?

    • If you keep getting the same cards over and over, you are probably reading on this too often. Because it is so difficult to detach and get an accurate reading when you’re looking for a particular outcome, I’d recommend having a professional reading. There is a risk for delusion when the Moon is involved.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, feedback and questions. Please note that, while I'm happy to answer questions about individual cards, I don't interpret spreads. I get several requests every day about interpreting DIY readings based on my spreads. Even if I had the time, I don’t think it would be a wise investment of my time to ‘read on readings’ – A reading is done in synergy between the cards, the question and the reader… in the MOMENT.

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