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3 Card Spreads

Be a Relationship Pioneer – A snappy little spread that will help you get an overview of any pattern ruling the relationship so that you can create change.

Compatibility Checklist – A 3 card Tarot spread to help make sure that the next one who comes along is really The One.

Tarot Healing with Ariadne – A simple spread which can give you profound insights into past patterns and issues so that you can heal them and move forward

Persephone’s Choice – A deeply transformational relationship healing Tarot spread which helps you navigate some of the main shadow spaces of any relationship

Heart Healing with the Angels and Tarot – A spread which shines the light of Archangels Michael, Raphael and Chamuel onto matters of the heart

5 Programs that Ruin Your Chances of Love – Included in this article is a three card spread you can use to correct any faulty programming :)

You’re OK, I’m OK – A Relationship Tarot Spread for Total Acceptance

4 Card Spreads

Invoking the Angels of Love – A versatile spread to help you draw on the wisdom of the Angels for healing of a relationship, to let go of an ex or to create a new relationsip

The Four Chambers of the Heart Tarot Spread – A wonderful spread for finding out how evenly and harmoniously (or not) love flows through your heart and what you can do to improve the input/output

A Little Respect – A Tarot spread to help you generate self-respect and keep your heart open

Kintsugi for a Broken Heart – A Tarot spread to help you heal after a break-up

The Quickie – Get a quick overview of what really matters right now in the relationship!

The Love You Deserve Tarot Spread – Based on a quote from the the film The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Playlist Divination – Learn how to use your favourite music tracks together with the Tarot for lyrical divination!

The Happy Kitteh Dating Tarot Spread – Learn to be as happy as a kitty rolling around in catnip in any dating scenario… It’s all about YOU!

5 Card Spreads

Flowers for the Beloved – A Spread about Giving a Bit More In Love…

Internet Dating Vetting Tarot Spread – Want to know his intentions before you meet up for that all-important first date…? This spread is for you!

The Love Star Tarot Spread – A spread to help you understand the relationship dynamic and how you can keep love alive

Top 5 Ways to Rekindle Love Tarot Spread – This little spread will give you tips and ideas on how to infuse the relationship with fun and excitement!

Desire-Action-Outcome Tarot Spread – Find out what acting on your desires might lead to!

Valentine’s Gratitude Spread – A Tarot Spread to help you generate an abundance of love through the practice of gratitude!

The WTF?! Tarot Spread – When you don’t know what the fuck just happened because your partner flew off the handle or went all random on you

Heart Chakra Relationship Tarot and Angel Card reading – A holistic realtionship reading, ideal for healing an issue that is driving a wedge between you and your beloved and getting the love flowing again!

Keeping the Mystery Alive – A Tarot spread to help you keep the relationship sizzling by remembering how special and alluring you are

‘What’s my pulling power?’ Tarot Spread – Maximise your pulling power with this saucy little spread ;)

Should I Stay or Should I Go? – Tarot guidance on if a relationship is worth ‘rescuing’ and how to do it

When Plans Change – A First Aid Tarot Spread – Last minute cancellations and text message break-ups can be difficult to deal with. This spread will grant you serenity!

Why your ex gets in touch just when you’ve found someone new and how to know what he is after – The title says it all!

Temptation Tailspin Tarot – Your strategy for when that first date finally goes right!

The Faery Love Cross Tarot Spread – Let the faeries help with your love life!

Elemental Connection Tarot Spread – A simple Tarot spread that can be used for any type of relationship. It gives you a quick overview of your strong point as well as what you can do to strengthen all areas of the relationship.

Heart Chakra Relationship Reading with the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle – A great spread for checking and healing the heart chakra connection between two lovers.

The Intimacy Reconnect Tarot Spread – Never feel lonely in a relationship ever again!

The Toxic Relationship Tarot Spread – Understand the pattern and save yourself from a lifetime of grief!

The Axis Relationship Tarot Spread – Learn how to read like a pro!

How To Know If Letting Go of a Lover Is for Your Highest Good – Making the toughest decisions in life and love is always a little easier with a bit of help from the Tarot…

The Moon Sign Significator Tarot Spread – Understand your lover and your emotional connection better with a bit of help from a combination of Tarot and Astrology…

6 Card Spreads

The Facebook Profile Tarot Spread – How do you come across to potential new suitors? Time to clear out some of the FB profile clutter?

The Spring Mojo Tarot Spread – Can you feel the sap rising? Get your mojo on with the Tarot!

How He Really Feels Tarot Spread – Or maybe you want to know how she really feels? Either way the answers you seek are found with the help of this spread!

A Break-Up Tarot Spread – Can’t get your head around why your relationship had to end or what you were meant to learn? This spread will show you that and also what your next step is on the journey toward manifesting true love!

The Internet Dating Vetting Tarot Spread – Want to know his intentions before that all-important first date? This is the spread for you!

The Tarot Death Spread (You don’t need to know to let go) – Need a little help letting go after a break-up? Here’s the perfect Tarot spread for you!

The Higher Love Tarot Spread – When peace of mind and spiritual alignment are more important than satisfying the ego

The Oh L’Amour Tarot Spread – Want a steamy Tarot spread to help you get it on with your spring fling? This is it!

The Fairy Crown Tarot Spread – A spread created for Litha (Midsummer) but is perfect for Heart Healing any time of the year!

The Relationship Circus Tarot Spread – For when you are serious about breaking old patterns and ready to stop taking yourself so fucking seriously

The Week of Love Tarot Spread – A weekly Tarot spread to use together with your partner for growing closer together

‘Who Will Be My Valentine?’ Tarot Spread – Perfect for a night in with your single friends on Vday!

7 Card Spreads

7 Fundamental Truths – A Tarot spread based on 7 fundamental relationship truths and that could help you make things right again

The Groundhog Day Tarot Spread – Ready to break free and establish a healthier pattern of relating? The Groundhog Tarot Spread is for you!

Three Stages of Love Tarot Spread – Find out what’s in store in terms of lust, attraction and attachment with a new lover!

Sizzle or Fizzle Sexual Chemistry + Long Term Potential Tarot Spread – Get the lowdown before that all-important first date!

Beltane Goddess Mojo Tarot Spread – Harness the Fire from Heaven!

Get the guy or girl with Cupid’s Arrow Tarot Spread!

Changing You, Changing Me – A Couples Tarot Spread

The Rainbow Blessing Tarot Spread can reveal what unique blessings Spirit has in store for you as an individual or as a couple!

The Frideborg Relationship Tarot Spread – an adaptable spread which allows you to pierce the confusion surrounding any of the 22 Major Arcana themes

8 Card Spreads

Are We Done Yet? – A spread to create a more elevated and spiritually aligned relationship dynamic

Lessons & Challenges Relationship Tarot Spread – Can be used at the start of a new relationship, when you are working through issues in the relationship or when you have just broken up with someone that you have hopes of getting back together with.

Date or Wait Tarot Spread – You want your ex back but you haven’t heard from him in a while and want to know if now would be a good time to start dating. Find out all the ins and outs with this handy spread!

“What was the lesson?” Break-Up Tarot Spread – Sometimes your gut tells you there is a lesson you were meant to get after the break-up is a fact. The Tarot can help with that!

Damage Control Relationship Tarot Spread – Oops, did you do it again? Tarot to the rescue!

The Emotional Compatibility Tarot Spread – Find out how compatible you are and how to increase the emotional connection with your beloved!

9 Card Spreads

Mr & Mrs Smith – Healing a toxic relationship. Tarot spread inspired by the film Mr & Mrs Smith with Brangelina. Beware! Requires a larger than average capacity for optimism!

Past Life Connection Tarot Spread – Find out how you and your love were connected in a past life!

The Relationship Happiness Spread – For creating harmony between thought, words and actions in any relationship. Inspired by Gandhi :)

Beltane May King and Queen Tarot Spread for Manifesting New Love – Use this spread at Beltane to not only divine your new love but magnetise him or her to you!

The Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread – Will it be someone new or someone from your past? Find out with  this awesome spread which also provides timing for your next great love affair!

Three Souls Relationship Tarot Spread – Check the state of the Three Souls in self and your beloved as well as how your connection is set to evolve.

The Moving in Together Tarot Spread – Knowing what to expect will make the move less stressful!

10 Card+ Spreads

The 5 Stages of Grief Tarot Spread – A spread to help you work through every stage of grief after the loss of loved one (or after a break-up/divorce).

The Chakra Relationship Tarot Spread – Look at the dynamic you have created on the level of the chakras!

Heart of the Relationship Tarot Spread – Looking to delve deep into your relationship dynamics? This spread covers every angle and is also available as a 15 card email Tarot Reading!

The Ultimate Compatibility Tarot Spread – You may be very much in love but are you realistic about your chances to last? Find out exactly how compatible you are!

The Cup of Love Tarot Spread – Warning! This spread could change your relationship forever!

The Ultimate ‘Will He Come Back?’ Tarot Spread – Which, of course, also can be used to answer the question ‘Will She Com Back?’ :)

Single and Happy Tarot Spread – Become the Sun in your own Solar System with this spread! Learning to be happy in your own skin is the best way to manifest true love :)

“Will it Last?” Tarot Spread – Check the long term potential with this ten card spread!

Garden of Fertility Tarot Spread – Check if you and your partner are likely to conceive

Stages of the Twin Flame Relationship – Have you met your Twin Flame? Use this Tarot spread to help you find your way, as it’s not always straight forward!

11 Keys – An Advanced Love Tarot Spread – The perfect spread to look for long term potential in a relationship as well as to get an in-depth understanding of the dynamics at play.

Modes of Communication Tarot spread – Understand why you and your Beloved are failing and connecting through the spoken word as well as how to improve the dynamic. In-depth insights into modes of communication, expectations and how each of you react when there is miscommunication. Advice included.

Karmic Relationship Tarot Spread – You know you have a karmic soul mate relationship… but have no clue what to do about it. Use the Tarot to find out how to resolve/release any karma.


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