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5 Signs That You Are Cheating Emotionally

Woman in Bed with Husband Texting Another Man

Emotional cheating has exploded onto the scene as the number one threat to long term committed relationships, with the social media revolution and (re)connecting with ‘friends’ and ex lovers on Facebook and other social media networks.

It all starts innocently enough, or so we tell ourselves. But the truth is that even before we start testing the waters with other person, we know that something is not quite right with the dynamic of the relationship we are in. We feel unhappy and discontented… perhaps even disconnected from the one we supposedly love, whether a spouse or a long term partner. Either way, the deep emotional connection we long for is missing.

Three common reasons for this state of discontentment/emotional disconnect are: Continue reading

Facebook relationship statuses that keep it real

facebook relationship status

We all know that Facebook is where stalkers meet their victims, ex’s get the latest goss on who you’ve been seen with and where Virtual Drama Queens like to hang out for maximum media exposure.

We also know that the creators of Facebook realised long ago how to capitalise on the above with the invention of the Facebook relationship status. However, I think the titillation factor may Continue reading