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Learning to Trust Again – The Whispers of Love Cross

learning to trust again

Learning to trust again after you have suffered deep betrayal or cheating in love can be very tricky. One reason for this is the feeling of confusion after you find out that what you thought was real was a complete and utter sham – counterfeit love… ¬†You dreamed of True Love, got too close to the sun… You crashed and now you’re wondering if your wings will ever grow back out again. The fear of experiencing this kind of pain again could make it tempting for you to isolate yourself.

There is a way to start trusting again but the truth is that love will never be a risk-free venture. The best you can do is take your time in getting to know someone new before you go giving your heart away. In fact, make sure you know all of his friends and his family too! Leave no stone unturned to make sure he is worthy of your affection. In the end you will have to take a leap of faith but it’s up to you how big a leap. Do you really need to attempt the Grand Canyon and possibly end up with someone who was after your bank account, your daughter or a Visa from your country of birth? Continue reading

Temptation Tailspin Tarot

couple on romantic date

you give me fever
when you kiss me
fever when you hold me tight
fever in the morning
fever all through the night

It happens. You go on yet another first date, zero expectations because you know you’ll invariably feel let down otherwise… when BHAM! someone crosses your path who is totally hot and totally into you. Girlfriend, you’d better have a game plan for this – if nothing else then to keep your legs shut on the first date! Or you will if you want to see him again… Continue reading

Beltane May King & Queen Tarot Spread for Attracting New Love

Happy Beltane, Love Doves!

In the Pagan Wheel of the Year, Beltane is a time for love & fertility rituals. Because of this, I wanted to create a spread that was more than just a spread… a spread that can be used to draw the One to you as well as give you information about him (or her) and the how/when. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the May Queen & King Tarot Spread!

On Beltane Eve (that’s tonight!) light a pink candle and invoke the Goddess of Love. Take a moment to focus on your desire for a Soul Mate Lover and shuffle + cut the deck as usual. Continue reading

Why your ex gets in touch just when you’ve found someone new and how to know what he is after

love triangle

This post was inspired by a question from a reader. She wanted to know why her ex’s always seemed to get back in touch every time she had found someone new. My reply was:

Oh, it is simple. They feel the energetic connection fading and they want to know why – on a subconscious level of course… but they’ll still act on it!

If you stayed emotionally attached to your ex and found it hard to let go after the break-up, it is likely you had a push-you-pull-me relationship varying from slightly to highly co-dependent where he was in an avoidance pattern (expressed as commitment phobia) and you were in pattern of neediness (often based on abandonment issues). Continue reading

“Will It Last?” Tarot Spread

bride and groom on beach

Although it is best to be in the present moment as much as possible, we all reach a stage in our lives when we need to look ahead a bit in order to come up with a plan for our lives and relationships. Moving in together or starting a family usually takes a bit of forethought and it is natural to wonder if the one we’re with will be the one we settle down with.

The spread below is an adaptation of the 7 card ‘Will it last?’ relationship spread found in the Shadowscapes Tarot companion book by Barbara Moore: Continue reading