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Three Souls Relationship Tarot Spread

Three Souls Relationship Tarot Spread

Last week, I posted a Three Souls Tarot Spread for personal development on After creating this spread, it struck me that looking at the state of the connection of the Three Souls between two individuals could also be useful. I recently received a new deck, The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle, and I thought it would work really well for this spread so I’m using it here but feel free to use a regular Tarot deck if you would like to give this spread a whirl.

The Three Souls is a Feri Tradition concept to describe the three parts of the self, which roughly corresponds to the Freudian concept of the ego (talking self), id (fetch) and super-ego (god-self). However the Feri concept of the Three Souls takes into account that we are spiritual beings and that the Three Souls have energetic anchor points in the chakra system: fetch = second chakra; talking self = third eye; god self = soul chakra (6-8 inches above the crown).

The Fetch is also known as the child/animal self and is the instinctual/sexual part of the self. Only the Fetch can communicate directly with the God Self and does so through a symbolic language – the language used in dream-time and mystical visions. Continue reading

Starseed Lovers Tarot Spread and Sample Reading

starseed lovers tarot spread intro image

You are finally with the One who makes your heart sing. One or both of you recall past lives together and you both have a strong sense of a mission to fulfil together. On some level you are aware that coming together is part of your life purpose and Divine Service. Even with all this inner knowing you sometimes doubt the connection. Everyday mundane stuff gets in the way and you start seeing the dirty socks he left on the bedroom floor (again!) rather than the extraordinary life force emanating from his Starseed eyes.

This is when you ask a friend to read on your joint Starseed Life Purpose. Yes, you read that right – you can call a friend! Look, even Jesus needed John the Baptist to confirm his mission. Yes, he knew who he was and why he was here but no man, woman or Starseed is an island to him- or herself. We are all created to be interdependent and to confirm, support and cheer each other on. We are family and take great pleasure in helping each other grow.

This is a reading I’m doing for a wonderfully magickal friend of mine. She knows she and her husband are both Starseeds and that they have journeyed many life times together on Earth as well as in other places and even other Universes. Yet the mist of 3D gets in the way of a clear understanding of their joint mission, so I’m using my Sirian Starseed Tarot to help her clear the confusion a bit.

Going into this reading, I already know that she has a connection with Luxor in Ancient Egypt. When she told me, Spirit instantly made aware that she had served as a High Priestess of Sekhmet. As you will see in the sample reading below, the Tarot confirms this in the portion of the reading that speaks of the joint past life that is now being highlighted.

Starseed Lovers Tarot Reading


1. Soul Contract/Purpose for coming together in this lifetime. My friend and her husband have a contract to excel in science in this lifetime with the 6 of Orbs (Swords) here. In the background of this first card, I spy Metatron’s cube (Merkaba) a sign that the mission is to transcend into 5D science and the science of Light Bodies for healing and manifestation. Coincidentally, she was recently made aware of the Merkaba for the first time recently in meditation.

2. Her mission. The 4 of Orbs (Swords) here tells me that every time my friend meditates, she channels messages from higher planes. She does not have to reach with her mind – it just comes to her.

3. His mission. The Knight of Orbs (Swords) is a sign that he is here to protect the Vessel (my friend) and that though his mission is also one of Truth, he will go questing and doing more research in addition to being his wife’s guardian.

4. Her current challenge. The 9 of Orbs (Swords) shows me that my friend needs to ground as she could easily go into overwhelm with all the information that is currently coming through.

5. His current challenge. The 3 of Flames (Wands) tells me his challenge is to be a pioneer within his chosen field of science.

6. Joint current challenge. To complete their studies and to connect with other Starseeds online.

7-11. Past life theme that has bearing on the current situation. This tells me of a time when this lovely couple was involved in spiritual teaching and service to the Goddess Sekhmet in Luxor, Egypt. At the bottom right is a picture of my friend worshipping in front of a statue of Sekhmet! :) Her husband was her teacher. He was older and passed on many years before she did. The contract they had was for him to do this to foster a sense of independence in his beloved student. She excelled in every way imaginable.

Merry Christmas, Love Doves!

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11 Keys – An Advanced Love Tarot Spread

11 Keys an Advanced Love Tarot Spread with Houses by Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

This advanced Tarot spread is inspired by years of reading the 9 Square intuitively, observing patterns and listening to the whispers of the cards themselves. In the past few months, I have felt a need to add two cards to the square when doing love Tarot readings… and then one day the penny dropped: each of the card positions correspond to Major Arcana 1-11, with the Hierophant as the central card and Justice as the outcome. In other words – perfection in terms of looking at long term potential with the Hierophant and Justice being two of the main marriage cards.

Roughly then you get the following positional meanings: Continue reading

Mary-El Relationship Tarot Reading

The Mary-El Tarot is a deck with so much oomph, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it ‘Tarot dynamite.’ Looking for a quick fix? This ain’t it! The Mary-El demands that you dig deep and look your Shadow straight in the eyes.

In the companion book, Landscapes of the Abyss (yes, it really goes that deep!), Mary White, the creatrix of both the deck and the book offers an amazingly insightful 7 card relationship tarot spread.

I thought I would give it a go…

7 card relationship reading with the Mary-El Tarot

7 card relationship reading with the Mary-El Tarot

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15 card relations ship Tarot spread image

Reading with Nikky Mackay’s 15 Card Relationship Spread

My favourite in-depth relationship spread is the Heart of the Relationship spread I created a while back but after giving the Relationship Spread by Nikki Mackay from the book Tarot for Understanding Love and Relationship Patterns (also available on Kindle), I now have another useful spread for doing in-depth relationship readings.

The layout is clear and I like the symmetry of it. The shape of a spread is important to me – it has to make sense and the energy has to flow in the right way (hard to explain!). Placing the unconscious fears/challenges cards sideways to form an obstacle to the flow of energy makes a lot of of sense.  I also like the ‘How he/she saw her/him when they first met’ positions, as they can be used to verify the truth of the reading.



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