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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Tarot Spread

Good Guy or Player?

Good Guy or Player? He won’t tell you if he’s a Bad Boy but the cards will!

Ladies, instead of complaining about there being so few good men left, use the Tarot to help you find the few remaining ones! This Tarot spread sorts the men from the boys, the good from the bad and the emotionally intelligent from the clueless. The latter being the ones who know neither themselves nor what they want from life but operate at an opportunistic level and don’t care much about potential collateral damage.

Step 1 – Decide which significator to use. The significator is chosen from among the 16 Court Cards in the Minor Arcana. To make it easy for you, I have compiled a list you can use based on his Zodiac sign. Continue reading

Sizzle or Fizzle Sexual Chemistry + Long Term Potential Tarot Spread

Today’s spread is based on the principles laid out in last week’s post for how to detect sexual tension and chemistry in the cards. Do check out the video if you have not done so already!

The card positions are: Continue reading

The Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread

You can't quite see him yet but you know he's out there...

You can’t quite see him yet but you know he’s out there…

Savouring the waiting can be wonderful when you are in the process of manifesting ‘Big Love’… but sometimes we feel like we could do with a bit of a heads up on how long the wait will be and also if The One is someone new or someone we already know. The Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread can help with all of that and more! This spread covers the next 12 months by default and will be able to give you quite a good fix on the timing (more on this below). Continue reading

Temptation Tailspin Tarot

couple on romantic date

you give me fever
when you kiss me
fever when you hold me tight
fever in the morning
fever all through the night

It happens. You go on yet another first date, zero expectations because you know you’ll invariably feel let down otherwise… when BHAM! someone crosses your path who is totally hot and totally into you. Girlfriend, you’d better have a game plan for this – if nothing else then to keep your legs shut on the first date! Or you will if you want to see him again… Continue reading

Three Stages of Love Tarot Spread

This spread was inspired by a dating advice article by the lovely Colette Kenney over at Huffington post. Do hop on over and read the whole thing as she’s got some great questions for self-inquiry at the end of it!

Colette goes over the three stages of love:

  • lust
  • attraction
  • attachment

The first stage is the initial surge of sexual energy that makes us really want the other person. Oh, if we only had them alone… We can’t stop fantasising about what we would do to them. Continue reading