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Modes of Communication Tarot Spread

couple arguing

Have you ever started a relationship with someone that you connected with at a very deep level almost instantly? You meet a few times, have a few laughs and then slowly the misunderstandings start creeping in. In spite of the deep connection, you realise that your communication styles are very different from each other, and perhaps that your expectations also differ quite a lot.

To the person most in tune with his or her feelings and most transparent in his or her communication, it is easy to feel as if a deep emotional connection should lead to deep communication. Generally speaking, the expectation is that the more emotionally attuned person would be female but I have been doing relationship readings for long enough to know that this is not always the case – we could have a woman acting more as the Knight of Swords and a man as the Queen of Cups, for instance.

If you have experienced frustration in communicating with someone who doesn’t seem to ‘get’ you or if there has been a complete break-down due to your different communication styles, the Tarot can help you make head or tales of where and why the glitch occurred. Continue reading

A Relationship Happiness Tarot Spread Inspired by Gandhi

Did you know that today is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday? He is one of the most inspirational and quote-worthy people who ever lived, so I decided to honour him with a relationship Tarot spread based on one of my favourite quotes of his:

Gandhi about happiness - picture quote - child with sunflower

The spread below can be used for any type of relationship and is not limited to love and romance. Continue reading


The Ultimate “Will He Come Back?” Tarot Spread

Will He Come Back Tarot Spread

This is one of the most often asked questions I get as a Tarot Reader.  It is hard to move on without knowing the answer if we still love the one who left, even if we know in our minds that moving on is for the best.

In some cases, when it’s clear that you have had a narrow escape, it might be better to suggest cord cutting rather than looking into if the abuser will be back… but in the end it’s not for the reader to judge. We all have free will and it is a well-known fact that many many people on this planet choose to live in co-dependent and/or toxic relationships.

Sometimes relationships fall apart and we are quick to judge the other person, blaming the breakdown on them when really we know that it takes two and you are just as responsible as they for creating the dynamic you had and that led to the breakdown.

Anyone who has been around for a while will want to avoid taking sides when the relationships of friends fall apart for this very reason. Those who do take sides often had a vested interest in seeing the relationship end to begin with, or they are manipulated into taking sides. There are ways to supporting the one who is hurting without playing the blame game, and I say that having lived long enough to play every position in the field…

But I digress. I woke up this morning with the image of a door-shaped spread in my head:

If what you desire deep down is hidden behind a magic door, what would the door look like? What kind of lock would it have? What is the key like? Are you holding the key? What is the handle like? What does it feel like to push the door open and step through? Continue reading

Walking his Talk

How He Really Feels

Apparently, men don’t like to talk about their feelings. I wish someone would have told me this growing up – It would have saved me a lot of hassle. You may argue it’s just a sexist cliché but as clichés go, I’ve found it to be mostly true. Most men get angry and shut down when we suggest dialogue as a way of problem solving. If I’d had a penny for every time this happened to me, I’d be a rich woman by now.

Perhaps women even developed their intuitive skills in order to gain insights into the minds of men. That’s as good a theory as any when it comes to the legendary female intuition.

Thank heaven for the gifts of second sight and divination! Here’s a little tool I developed to help you see if your man will walk his talk and what is really going on in his heart and mind. Continue reading