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When Plans Change – A First Aid Tarot Spread

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

–Reinhold Niebuhr

You’ve booked the pet sitter for a weekend away because your lover promised to whisk you off to Paris. It’s nearly time to go… you’re sitting on your suitcase to make it shut properly when you get a text message, saying that your lover’s 5 year old son fell off his bike and broke an arm so he can’t go. You have a couple of different options at times like these. Some reach for a bottle of Jack Daniels… some say a prayer… Continue reading

Decameron Erotic Tarot

A Bedroom Reading with the Decameron Tarot

Decameron Erotic Tarot

Decameron Tarot. © Lo Scarabeo. All rights reserved. (Daises added by me as this is not an ‘Adult Blog’)

The Decameron Tarot is an erotic deck that is ideal to use for exploring sexual preferences with your partner as well as to use as a mirror for one’s own sexual expression and shadows. In the rather poorly translated Little White Book that comes with the deck, only one spread has been included – a relationship spread which looks at each person’s sexual desires as well as the general state of affairs.

I decided to attempt a reading by following the instructions and this is the layout I came up with (no diagram was included in the LWB): Continue reading

Top 10 Romantic Tarot Decks

A tarot deck that contains Botticelli’s Venus and the Three Graces couldn’t possibly be anything other than romantic, now could it? This deck provides an extra rich sensory experience thanks to the carefully applied gold leaf. A joy to work with for love and relationship readings, this deck has symbology which at times strays from the traditional card meanings but is mostly easy to read with. Continue reading