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7 Tips for Weaving Magic and Spirit Into Your Big Day

It takes two to tango

It takes two to tango

“Grooms do not have to do much in the planning of the wedding or even on the day itself”

Really!? Why??? I can’t get my head around why the wedding day would be a bigger deal to the bride than the groom and why he wouldn’t want to have a say in it but tradition dictates that it is pretty much about the bride realising her childhood dream of the perfect wedding and playing the role of princess for a day. The man is left with picking up the bill and complaining to his mates about how expensive it all is. Continue reading

Meaning of Gemstone Colours in Engagement Rings

man surprising woman with engagement ring

Better let him know which colour you prefer!

Are you drawn to something a bit different as an engagement ring? Does a white diamond solitaire remind you too much of your parents? Maybe you just like to stand out from the crowd? If you are considering going with a coloured gemstone rather than the classic white solitaire, you may want to find out what the different colours mean and how they can affect you.

Colours and crystals carry powerful magick. Below you will find the meanings of different colours but if you feel drawn to a particular kind of crystal, I suggest you look up the specific meaning for it as well. If you really want to get to know a particular crystal or gemstone intimately, you can use the Crystal Interview Tarot Spread.

As for the metal, that too is a matter of choice. Gold (Sun/masculine/God) is the most obvious traditional option and comes in different colours (yellow, pink, red and white) but many gemstones can now be found with a more affordable silver (Moon/feminine/Goddess) setting and hey, some of us prefer silver – the smaller price tag is just a bonus.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and yours alone. Do choose carefully and make it a ring that supports you as a couple as well as your own individuality.


11768301_sRed: passion, sexuality, power, love, hot temper
Stones: ruby, garnet, red diamond (expensive!), red coral

It suits you if… You have lots of energy and prefer to lead rather than follow. Not one for the proverbial wallflower. It’s a colour you can’t really ignore – it will always stand out – so you’d better really love red enough to wear it every day. Perfect for the Aries, Leo or Scorpio lover.


13282488_sOrange: sociability, exuberance, sensuality and creativity
Stones: orange citrine, orange garnet, orange topaz, fire opal, orange sapphire, amber, orange coral

It suits you if… you are sensual and full of joie de vivre, like to live on the edge and think outside the box. Feelings and connections are more important to you than to be right or to have the edge intellectually. Brings balance to Water signs (Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer) but may appeal more to an unconventional Sagittarian lover. Continue reading

Dating Advice for Himbos

Dating Advice for Himbos

Have you ever wondered how media perpetuates the male stereotype of the bad boy ‘alpha’ male who easily pulls on the first date? Look no further than the ‘dating advice‘ administered on Basically it boils down to that being nice to a woman makes you a loser. “Really,” I hear you asking? “We’re still at the cave man stage?” So it appears, Love Doves… so it appears.

So let me recap it all for you and save you the trip to another site:

Continue reading

10 Signs That You Are Dating A Giver

dating a giver


After last week’s post about Givers, Takers and Matchers in Love and in the Tarot, it was suggested on my FB page that I write a post about signs that the person you are dating is a giver.  The problem for me as a natural giver is that I tend to look for the positive first in everyone and that makes me believe everyone has good intentions. I’ve had to think long and hard about what separates us from the Takers and how they view us. I’ve also talked to friends about it to get a more detached perspective. The result is the following 10 signs:  Continue reading

Twin Flame Signs

twin flames

7 Signs that you are ready to meet your Twin Flame:

  1. You have just completed a major life lesson which allows you to radiate your True Self into the world from the core.
  2. You are so devoted to serving God that if you had to choose between being with a lover and service, you would choose service 10 times out of 10. Continue reading