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Facebook relationship statuses that keep it real

facebook relationship status

We all know that Facebook is where stalkers meet their victims, ex’s get the latest goss on who you’ve been seen with and where Virtual Drama Queens like to hang out for maximum media exposure.

We also know that the creators of Facebook realised long ago how to capitalise on the above with the invention of the Facebook relationship status. However, I think the titillation factor may Continue reading

22 Things You Definitely Do NOT Want in a Lover

masked man handing a girl a note to ask her out image



Last week I posted a post on Seer Pathways, titled 22 Things I Want in a Lover. As you may have guessed it was inspired by both confessional singer/song writer Alanis Morissette and the Tarot Major Arcana.

But what about the shadier side of the Majors? What if they show up reversed or poorly aspected in a position of a spread that reveals the traits and characteristics of a possible lover?

Can the cards help us detect warning signs of trait we do not want before it is too late? They sure can!

(Humour warning! Take seriously at your own peril.)

Look out for these 22 warning signs:

The Fool – He may very well be stoopid. Unless you’re of less than average intelligence yourself, you’re probably not a good match. Continue reading

Dating the King of Cups

King of Cups from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

King of Cups from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sensitive and caring, this man is often found working as a caretaker in some capacity. He could be a counsellor or a male nurse, a psychiatrist, tarot reader or a massage therapist. One thing is for certain, he is definitely in touch with his feminine side!

Intimacy is everything to this guy. He enjoys discussions about feelings the way an ordinary bloke enjoys a game of football and he’s also heavily drawn to anything mysterious. And before you ask – Yes, he’s a rare find!

Why? Because emotional maturity and genuine care about others come at a cost… especially for a man! How will a boy who is told that he is being a girl when he cries grow up with his feminine side integrated without shame or guilt?

Unfortunately, traits that are perceived as feminine in boys are still ridiculed by society and that is the real reason why there are so few men who feel comfortable owning their emotions. Continue reading

tarot card image - Prince of Pentacles

Dating the Knight of Pentacles

Mr Dependable is an apt nick name for this courtier. He more than makes up for his lack of high flying aspirations by his hard work and stickability… or he does if you’re looking for a steady, no frills, long term relationship. Think ‘The Shire’ and simple pleasures… such as food and drink. And more food.

Most akin to the Taurean male astrologically, he’s a man of the senses but not so much of any sense¬†superseding the regular five. He’s prone to scoff at anything ‘supernatural.’ Unlike the Knight of Swords, he won’t be inclined to argue his (lack of) beliefs. He’d rather get on with polishing his bike or mowing the lawn.

In the ole’ dating game, he relies on looks and ‘maleness’ in the traditional sense. The type of girl most likely to be attracted to him is the girlie girl who is more interested in the size of a man’s bicpecs package and/or bike than his conversational skills. Continue reading