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Anael – Angel of Love Tarot Spread

This Love Tarot spread is for anyone who is single and looking, wanting to know when and how love will appear in their life, as well as what they can do to invite love in. Invoke the protection and guidance of Archangel Anael as you lay the cards out and thank Her for Her help when you gather the cards back in.

The shape of the spread is based on the 8 pointed star of Venus, the Planet ruled by Anael. Anael is sometimes referred to as ‘The Rose Angel.’

The corresponding deities are Venus, Aphrodite and Cupid.

tarot spread image

1. State of your heart – this card describes the energy flow of your heart chakra at this point in time. It indicates how ready you are for true love. Excellent cards in this position would be The Empress, The Lovers, 2 of Cups, Ace of Cups, 9 of Cups, The Star, The Sun and The World. Most cards will indicate a need to release blocks to love.

Embrace the challenge with as much enthusiasm as you can muster. Know that you are worthy of love and vow to simply release any blocks to giving/receiving love as and when you become aware of them. Ask Anael to help with this.

2. Cupid’s arrow – this card tells you how Cupid’s arrow will strike. It indicates how you will meet. The Ace of Swords, Page of Swords or The Star (Aquarius) could indicate meeting Online. The 3 of Wands (the ‘networking card’) could indicate meeting at a Conference, while the 8 of Pentacles indicates meeting at your regular place of work. With the Page of Pentacles it is likely that you thanks to studies and taking the same class. The 4 of Wands indicates meeting during some kind of celebration in your own or a friend’s house etc.

3. Timing – this card gives you the most likely timing. Personally, I rely on astrological correspondences for timing. The planetary cards can indicate a day of the week (of any week of any year) as follows: Continue reading

Beltane Angel & Tarot Love Spell

Beltane Angel & Tarot Love Spell

Beltane Angel & Tarot Love Spell

Happy Beltane! This is one for all you singletons out there!

Use the highly charged life force energy of this day to manifest true love in your life by writing a letter to the Angels.

If you have a spare Tarot card that represents the kind of love you wish for, you may want to include this in the letter.

For instance, you may wish for a soul mate relationship with someone that you have shared past lives with. In this case, include the 6 of Cups.

For true love in general, choose The Lovers or the 2 of Cups.

For the polyamorous among you, a better choice would be the 3 of Cups and if you are looking to settle down with someone, go for the 4 of Wands or the 10 of Pentacles. Continue reading

His true nature

Sociopath Survival Checklist

His true nature

If he would show his true face

You finally wake up from the nightmare that is dating a sociopath and look around you. You realise that he has taken everything, including the light from behind your eyes. He has been feeding on your emotions for X amount of time because he is incapable of real feelings and when he left he made sure that you felt intense pain because it made him feel slightly more alive than the undead, soulless creature he is.

What do you do next? How can you possibly rebuild your life? Where your heart once beat, you feel as if there is a big hole. Energetically, this isn’t far off the truth. The man you thought loved you, but who only played the part for as long as it suited him, has been feeding on your love without giving a shred of it back.

Yes, he bled you dry and now you don’t know how to regain your strength. Don’t worry. Once you cut all contact with him, you can start the healing process and know that full recovery is completely possible. Unlike the undead creature that is the sociopath, you can and will heal.

So here is a checklist to help you deal with the healing process. Continue reading