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Givers, Takers and Matchers in Love and in the Tarot

givers and takers

In all forms of relating, people can be divided into three main categories: Givers, Takers and Matchers. Apparently, according to Adam Grant, the ones who have the highest success rates in terms of establishing happy long-term relationships are also the ones with the highest number of failed relationships.  Continue reading

10 Healthy and 10 Unhealthy Reasons Why Couples Stay Together

mature couple

10 Healthy Reasons People Stay Together

1. They are best friends and respect each other (2 of Cups, The Lovers, Justice)
2. They communicate well (King and Queen of Swords, Magician)
3. They play well together (3 of Cups) Continue reading

5 Signs That You Are Cheating Emotionally

Woman in Bed with Husband Texting Another Man

Emotional cheating has exploded onto the scene as the number one threat to long term committed relationships, with the social media revolution and (re)connecting with ‘friends’ and ex lovers on Facebook and other social media networks.

It all starts innocently enough, or so we tell ourselves. But the truth is that even before we start testing the waters with other person, we know that something is not quite right with the dynamic of the relationship we are in. We feel unhappy and discontented… perhaps even disconnected from the one we supposedly love, whether a spouse or a long term partner. Either way, the deep emotional connection we long for is missing.

Three common reasons for this state of discontentment/emotional disconnect are: Continue reading

3 types of men to avoid – Spot him in the Tarot cards!

mommy's boy

MUMMY’S BOY - This one still lives at home at age 44. He’ll have very good excuses for doing so (divorce/unemployment etc), including being close to his mother. But this is not a man who loves his mother – it’s someone with an unhealthy tie to his mother, which is making him dangle from her apron strings in one way or another. There are quite a few of these who actually hate their mother and make no secret of it, yet they seem incapable of breaking free.

How he’ll make your life hell: On some level he will always be comparing you to her. If he loves her, you will never be good enough and if he hates her, he will keep spotting similarities between you.

What he looks like in the Tarot: Continue reading

Tarot cards that indicate tying the knot

Here’s the one you have all been waiting for!

The card combinations below show various combinations of cards that indicate that this is the person you will settle down with, either by moving in together or getting married.

This is by no means comprehensive but it does cover all the main cards indicating long-term love, settling down and tying the knot.

Some of you may wonder about the choice of the Ace of Swords here. The Ace of Swords is traditionally Continue reading