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Givers, Takers and Matchers in Love and in the Tarot

givers and takers

In all forms of relating, people can be divided into three main categories: Givers, Takers and Matchers. Apparently, according to Adam Grant, the ones who have the highest success rates in terms of establishing happy long-term relationships are also the ones with the highest number of failed relationships.  Continue reading

10 Healthy and 10 Unhealthy Reasons Why Couples Stay Together

mature couple

10 Healthy Reasons People Stay Together

1. They are best friends and respect each other (2 of Cups, The Lovers, Justice)
2. They communicate well (King and Queen of Swords, Magician)
3. They play well together (3 of Cups) Continue reading

The Karmic Cards and Their Meanings for Love & Romance Tarot Readings

The Karmic Relationship Tarot Cards

In last week’s 11 Keys – An Advanced Love Tarot Spread, I briefly mentioned the ‘Karmic Cards’ and I was asked by a couple of people to extrapolate on this. Essentially, these are the cards that indicate issues either carrying over from a past life (or many past lives) or lessons pre-agreed upon in the Life Between Lives. For those of you interested in exploring Life Between Lives, I recommend the book Journey of Souls by Dr Michael Newton.

A while back, I created a Past Life Connection Tarot spread. Before laying the cards out for this type of reading, I like to do a 9 Square to see if there is an indication of a past life connection. I want at least two of the cards listed below to show up. Continue reading

5 Signs That You Are Cheating Emotionally

Woman in Bed with Husband Texting Another Man

Emotional cheating has exploded onto the scene as the number one threat to long term committed relationships, with the social media revolution and (re)connecting with ‘friends’ and ex lovers on Facebook and other social media networks.

It all starts innocently enough, or so we tell ourselves. But the truth is that even before we start testing the waters with other person, we know that something is not quite right with the dynamic of the relationship we are in. We feel unhappy and discontented… perhaps even disconnected from the one we supposedly love, whether a spouse or a long term partner. Either way, the deep emotional connection we long for is missing.

Three common reasons for this state of discontentment/emotional disconnect are: Continue reading

Emoticon Tarot

smiling love emoticon

The more of an emotional connection you have with the Tarot cards, the better a reader you will be. The emotional connection  with the cards is even more important when you read on love and romance, because in these types of readings, each of the 78 cards becomes a key which unlocks hidden emotional truths. Because of the wide variety of decks out there these days, different decks will have unique emotional overtones, so this exercise is worth doing with each and every one of your working decks. Continue reading