Three Souls Relationship Tarot Spread

Three Souls Relationship Tarot Spread

Last week, I posted a Three Souls Tarot Spread for personal development on After creating this spread, it struck me that looking at the state of the connection of the Three Souls between two individuals could also be useful. I recently received a new deck, The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle, and I thought it would work really well for this spread so I’m using it here but feel free to use a regular Tarot deck if you would like to give this spread a whirl.

The Three Souls is a Feri Tradition concept to describe the three parts of the self, which roughly corresponds to the Freudian concept of the ego (talking self), id (fetch) and super-ego (god-self). However the Feri concept of the Three Souls takes into account that we are spiritual beings and that the Three Souls have energetic anchor points in the chakra system: fetch = second chakra; talking self = third eye; god self = soul chakra (6-8 inches above the crown).

The Fetch is also known as the child/animal self and is the instinctual/sexual part of the self. Only the Fetch can communicate directly with the God Self and does so through a symbolic language – the language used in dream-time and mystical visions. Continue reading

Meaning of Gemstone Colours in Engagement Rings

man surprising woman with engagement ring

Better let him know which colour you prefer!

Are you drawn to something a bit different as an engagement ring? Does a white diamond solitaire remind you too much of your parents? Maybe you just like to stand out from the crowd? If you are considering going with a coloured gemstone rather than the classic white solitaire, you may want to find out what the different colours mean and how they can affect you.

Colours and crystals carry powerful magick. Below you will find the meanings of different colours but if you feel drawn to a particular kind of crystal, I suggest you look up the specific meaning for it as well. If you really want to get to know a particular crystal or gemstone intimately, you can use the Crystal Interview Tarot Spread.

As for the metal, that too is a matter of choice. Gold (Sun/masculine/God) is the most obvious traditional option and comes in different colours (yellow, pink, red and white) but many gemstones can now be found with a more affordable silver (Moon/feminine/Goddess) setting and hey, some of us prefer silver – the smaller price tag is just a bonus.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and yours alone. Do choose carefully and make it a ring that supports you as a couple as well as your own individuality.


11768301_sRed: passion, sexuality, power, love, hot temper
Stones: ruby, garnet, red diamond (expensive!), red coral

It suits you if… You have lots of energy and prefer to lead rather than follow. Not one for the proverbial wallflower. It’s a colour you can’t really ignore – it will always stand out – so you’d better really love red enough to wear it every day. Perfect for the Aries, Leo or Scorpio lover.


13282488_sOrange: sociability, exuberance, sensuality and creativity
Stones: orange citrine, orange garnet, orange topaz, fire opal, orange sapphire, amber, orange coral

It suits you if… you are sensual and full of joie de vivre, like to live on the edge and think outside the box. Feelings and connections are more important to you than to be right or to have the edge intellectually. Brings balance to Water signs (Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer) but may appeal more to an unconventional Sagittarian lover. Continue reading

Improve Your Sex Life with the Tarot

I just love how versatile the Tarot is! There are virtually no limits to what you can do and learn with a deck of 78 cards.

For those of you who are over a certain age there is a range of erotic Tarot decks to choose from. My personal favourite is the Tarot of Sexual Magic by Lo Scarabeo.

In the image above, I’m presenting a little two card Tarot exercise that you can do with any deck but an erotic/adult Tarot deck will give you visual clues as well. It’s up to you if you do this exercise on your own, with your partner or even with your girlfriends. For those of you who are using a traditional or non-adult deck, please feel free to check the card meanings on this site for sexual meanings.


Continue reading

Dating Advice for Himbos

Dating Advice for Himbos

Have you ever wondered how media perpetuates the male stereotype of the bad boy ‘alpha’ male who easily pulls on the first date? Look no further than the ‘dating advice‘ administered on Basically it boils down to that being nice to a woman makes you a loser. “Really,” I hear you asking? “We’re still at the cave man stage?” So it appears, Love Doves… so it appears.

So let me recap it all for you and save you the trip to another site:

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Tarot for Sexual Ecstasy

woman leaping through space ecstasy

Ecstasy (not the drug) has been on my mind a lot lately. I feel blessed because, being creative, I know many things which transport me to a state of bliss and ecstasy – foremost of which are creative passion itself and sex (both Fire Element). But as you know if you’ve been around for a while, it is entirely possible to have the sex without the ecstasy (boo!). Wouldn’t it be interesting to look a bit deeper to find out how to get to that state where you feel like the dancer in the image above during love-making? Continue reading

The ‘Oh L’Amour!’ Tarot Spread

oh l'amour

It’s spring and love is in the air… Are you ready to get your mojo back with a hot and steamy Tarot reading about your latest flirt? The ‘Oh L’Amour!’ Tarot Spread will tell you all you need to know about him and how available he is for a spring fling or perhaps even something a bit more serious… My favourite deck for this type of reading is the Tarot of Sexual Magic by Lo Scarabeo. Any erotic deck will do though!

L – Loveability… What you fancy about him. Is he a good guy?
A – Availability… He’s he hooked on another? Is he emotionally available?
M – Masculinity… How he expresses his masculinity, virility/sexuality. Continue reading

Lenormand Meanings for Love & Relationships

Click HERE to download a free copy of the Deviled Ham Lenormand to use with Orphalese

Click HERE to download a free copy of the Deviled Ham Lenormand to use with Orphalese

The Lenormand system of divination based on playing cards keeps gaining popularity so it seems timely to introduce these cards here, with meanings that are specific to love & relationships. If you are completely new to the these cards, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m introducing the Lenormand oracle on my Facebook page with daily 3 card practice draws and tips on how to learn to read with the ‘Lennies’ as they are affectionately known.  Continue reading