The Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread

You can't quite see him yet but you know he's out there...

You can’t quite see him yet but you know he’s out there…

Savouring the waiting can be wonderful when you are in the process of manifesting ‘Big Love’… but sometimes we feel like we could do with a bit of a heads up on how long the wait will be and also if The One is someone new or someone we already know. The Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread can help with all of that and more! This spread covers the next 12 months by default and will be able to give you quite a good fix on the timing (more on this below).

Before you start shuffling the cards you need to choose your significator cards. This spread is different because it requires two significators: one Court Card that you choose for yourself based on how you perceive your own personality and one Major Arcana Soul Card. (You will find out how to calculate the latter HERE.)

The reason for choosing two significators is that they carry different meanings. If the Court Card surfaces in the ‘love pile’ then you will be in a relationship with someone that you do not have a karmic/past life connection with. If the Major Arcana card surfaces first, then it will be with someone from your soul group. Whether or not this is someone you have already met in this lifetime is decided by the Ace (someone new) or 6 of Cups (someone you already know).

Now onto the spread! Shuffle the cards as usual, focusing on your future lover…

Step 1 of the Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread

The next step is to turn the piles over and pick the pile with the highest ranking card. If there is a ‘tie,’ number-wise, the Elements decide and rank in order from low to high: Fire – Water – Air – Earth. Let’s say you find the 3 of Pentacles, the 6 of Swords and the 6 of Pentacles… The pile with the 6 of Pentacles is the one you would choose. In the picture below, you can see it is pretty straight forward which pile to go for since there is only one Major Arcana (or trump) card and they always outrank the number and court cards.

These three cards also give you a bit of a thematic mini reading of your future love story.

Step 2 of the Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread

Once you have chosen the pile to read from, you search for one of the two significators you chose for yourself. Do make sure that you do not alter the order of the cards while looking through them – simply gently fan them out. If both significators are in the pile, it is only the first one that matters in terms of deciding if this will be a soul group lover or not. In the sample reading below, the Empress Soul Card has been located which indicates that the future lover of this seeker is indeed someone from her soul group.

If you do not find your significator in the pile, you are simply not meant to explore this topic further at this point in time. Wait a few weeks and try again.

Step 3 of the Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread

Now you search for either the 6 or the Ace of Cups. Again, if you cannot find either of these two cards in the pile, you are not meant to read on your future love quite yet. How long you should wait until you try again is up to you, but I recommend waiting at least a couple of weeks. If both are in the pile, the same goes as for the significator card – only the first of them counts toward answering the question.

Remember, these two cards do not answer the question about a past life connection for the purpose of this spread (the significator card does). The Ace of Cups is a new lover and the 6 of Cups is someone you have already met… either an ex, someone in your friendship circle or possibly even a work colleague.

As for timing, the closer to the bottom of the pile, the sooner you will meet. Let’s say your Ace/6 of Cups is about 2/3 of the way through the pile, the timing is about 8 months.

In the sample reading below, the Ace of Cups showed up, so the seeker will meet someone who is new to her in this lifetime but whom she will have instant recognition with due to the soul group connection indicated by the Empress card earlier.

Step 4 of the Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread

The next step is to separate out four cards on either side of the Ace/6 of Cups. If the card is close to the end of the pile, you simply wrap around and pick cards from the bottom of the deck to make up for this. You will need a total of nine cards to conduct a reading.

Step 5 of the Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread

Lay the nine cards out in the order they were found, in three rows with three cards each. You will read these cards intuitively. You already have a rough time frame and know if this will be someone old or new, so all the other cards give you extra information about the personality of your future lover and also about under what circumstances you might meet. Do pay attention to any Court Cards as they may give you a clue about your future lover’s Star Sign.

The method used for reading this 9 Square is the story spread method which is an intuitive way of reading the cards. There are no positional meanings and for the purpose of this spread all three rows represent the future. Look at the images and let your imagination guide you. The central theme is always either the Ace or the 6 of Cups. Surrounding cards will fill in the blanks. Write down what you see and don’t worry so much about traditional card meanings.

Step 6 of the Future Soul Mate Lover Tarot Spread

I hope you enjoyed this spread and would love to hear how you get on!

Deck used for to illustrate the spread: The Victorian Romantic Tarot by Magic Realist Press

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  1. Wow, great spread…

    My 6 of cups was 5th card from bottom. I’m hoping Mr.X and I get it on very soon… about time too!

    I agree, the cards ALWAYS know best. Even if you don’t want to believe them at the time…

    Thanks Lisa :-)

  2. Hi Lisa …great spread! mine was crazy! not only did i get both 6 of cups and empress (my soul card), the 6 of cups was 3rd from the bottom, and the empress was RIGHT behind it — PLUS 3 other majors when selecting the 4 in front and back– magician, justice, wheel of fortune! “by bottom of the pile”, do you mean the bottom as being the card that is facing up when you have turned the piles over (what was once the bottom but top in the reading), or the bottom as in, the bottom as it has been turned over for the reading? really surprising reading, i’m still digesting it … thanks again and many blessings!

    • if it’s for timing then, obviously since you are looking through the cards from the ‘bottom’ (the card that has been turned up), obviously the top card then becomes the bottom card when the deck is already turned over and you are looking through it. lol yes, it’s not a simply spread but i’m sure you can make sense of it! :)

      • yes that’s what i thought but just making sure! i like the story spread method, i feel this other story emerging in addition to the past/present/future suggestion … b/c the top left is the empress, and the bottom right is magician, i sort of feel these represent me and the other person, and the cards from those leading to (or back) to the 6 of cup kind of tells each of our internal paths/journeys back to meeting each other (again? i guess?!) there is a knight of cup card, which confuses me a bit b/c i don’t really know many pisces .. but maybe it means a water sign in general, or talks to the person’s moon sign? or maybe there’s someone whose a pisces that i don’t know! but i also wonder if magician could be a clue .. something mercury ruled? will be interesting to keep this spread in mind in the next few months! its funny b/c i had really given up on finding a partner and just keen to have fun …but an ace of wands showed up in this reading, so that seems in order i guess :-) not a simple spread but not that confusing either, lots to chew on but the logic of it seems pretty clear!

  3. Hi Lisa, this spread looks amazing and I will share it with a few people who will love it. Unfortunately neither of my signifier cards came up under the highest ranking pile so as per your advice I will try again another time. Also, the highest ranking card was Death…I don’t know what to make of that :( I’m confused but not feeling much hope for my love life just now!! Aww :(
    Though I’m guessing between this and consistently drawing the Wheel of Fortune that some kind of transformation might be happening. The universe tends to have our back even when it doesn’t seem that way sometimes!

  4. If the Ace or Six of Cups appears 2/3 down the pile, meaning you would meet in eight months, shouldn’t it read that the closer to the top the card is, the sooner you will meet?

  5. Hi lisa!, im wondering about the court cards ranking, for example i got the king of cups in a pile and the queen of wands in another, the highest in rank is the one to pick or elements count as well? or the elements is just if u have equal rank. Im a beginner in tarots but i really like your spreads and your view of things, straight to the point… :D

    • Hi Nicky, You can think of the court cards in terms of numbers if you like: Page 11, Knight 12, Queen 13 and King 14. King always outranks Queen. There would only be a tie if there were two Kings and then you would go by Element.

  6. Thank you very much Lisa. I´ll have to try in couples of weeks and see what happens in this subjects, lot o healing to do still!! by the way i really like your healing with angels tarot spreads, thanks for sharing them they are really useful :D if you dont mind me asking, do you know any good spread relatated to job, vocational, or how to find out find out the ideal job? sorry if this questiong doesnt appy here…

    • You’re welcome, Nicky. No, I don’t know any job-specific spreads… sorry! I do have a good handle on what each card means in terms of work/vocation though and do read on these matters too of course. I believe in customising spreads to the individual when it comes to choosing the right career path. It depends so much on where you are, what you have done… if studies will be required etc etc

    • Thanks Michelle. The best way to read when reading for yourself, to take the wishful thinking out of the equation, is to read out loud as if reading for someone else. Get your thoughts out of your head and then onto paper. Time will tell…

  7. Hi Lisa,

    I am just curious if this other significator one has to calculate has anything to say about the soul group. Mine is 9 which corresponds to the Hermit which I personally loathe, so I was wondering if Majors actually describe soul groups and if I have to use the Hermit despite how much I hate him if I want to do this spread. Is it just a number or does it represent me as a person in any way?

    • Hi Jill, yes, I do believe it can represent soul groups as well as individuals. Incidentally, all of my immediate family are 3’s (The Empress). If you find The Hermit unlovable, you have a lot of Shadow work ahead of you. There is no escape, I’m afraid :) He is the wise teacher who helps us make sense of the past and integrate those lessons, enabling prophetic vision. There is a lot to love about The Hermit. That said, the aspects you need to look more closely at if you dislike him that much are the qualities you hate and see what they mirror within yourself, so that it can be brought into the light for healing. Blessings

      • and which aspects are these?

        i can’t warp myself into loving lonely gloomy miserable individuals. they seem to live on a planet different from mine that’s why i find it odd. i can’t even see how they can possibly become part of my world. Saturn is my least fav planet too. Saturnian people repel me. You’re not implying I should teach myself to love them? does this basically mean i was not born to be with charming vibrant people? I want a lover as cool as myself, hopefully there’s nothing wrong, and next to a Saturnian individual I would feel spiritual hunger. Settling is supposed to be bad, isn’t it? And it’s not like I was born to feed my vibes to others, was I?

        i’d be grateful if you could clarify :)

        • Oh dear, you have a really warped and negative image of The Hermit if that is all you see! I suggest you get to know him better. I’m not asking you to love someone you find unlovable, unless that someone is you. It’s called Shadow work. What we project is negative onto others is often found within and is calling to us for healing. Good luck!

      • Ok thanks. I am just having a hard time trying to buy the idea that integrating qualities I despise would make me a better person.

        Plus I thought life path 9 is totally different from the concept of the Hermit. It’s all about other people, nothing Saturnian at all…. Which may be why I was confused.

        • Each Major Arcana is worthy of a life-time of study. You have only skimmed the surface of The Hermit. I do not associate him with Saturn, btw – that’s The World. The Hermit resonates with Virgo more for me. Either way, none of the Majors are negative or positive. They all contain the full spectrum of the lesson they bring and ultimately serve the Highest Good of all if we are willing to do the work. There is a LOT of resonance between the 9 Life Path and The Hermit, both involve a calling to teach, just to mention one thing they have in common. Also, the Hermit is not always withdrawn in isolation. He only withdraws when it is necessary so that he can shine his light more brightly in aid of others.

  8. What if you found your major arcana top of the pile but neither your ace or 6 of cups?? Does that also mean its not time and to revisit??

  9. Hello Lisa,

    I know you’re extremely busy, but I had a question about this spread. Since the comments are closed I wanted to ask someone there (anyone really not just you) something I was confused about. My bottom cards on the three piles were 4 of Wands – 2 of Cups – 6 of Cups , so I chose the 3rd pile (6 of Cups) & checked in there. I saw my significator (Queen of Swords) there. I’m not sure what you meant about “bottom of pile” at one I went towards the top (not the bottom which is where the 6 of Cups was) and found the Ace of Cups “first” .. did I do it right??

    I hope so. Just wanted to be clear on that part. 

    Thanks & sorry to bother Mar


    • No worries, Mar. The first card you spotted was the one, i.e. the 6 of Cups. Please read through the comments as I’ve already dealt with the top vs bottom query in the past. Hope it’s all clear now! :)

  10. Finally got the Ace of Cups in my pile after waiting about a month, got the 6 of cups too. Both of my signifiers were in the pile! Felt really inspired by my spread. It encouraged me to build a home base of loving my self and being comfortable first, also to head out of the house more. Paying attention, putting in some effort, and being open minded. In the end just be focused and not to let fear hold me back!!! Feeling really empowered :D

  11. I have literally been on your site all day! I’m really enjoying the spreads and the posts you write but this spread might be my favorite! I feel there really isn’t any way to be too biased in this reading because either the proper cards are in the pile or not. Which, mine were! :) Both of my significator (Queen of Cups & High Priestess) were in the deck (which I know it only needs to be one) and the 6 of cups was the card directly before the Queen of Cups (which came as first significator in the deck). Does this mean anything with timing? I know you said if it’s closer to the bottom = 8 months (mine was closer to the top) but is there any timing reference in regards to how close the 6 or Ace is to your significator?

    Also, if 2/3 from the bottom is 8 months, is the entire pile up to 1 years time or does it vary? I’d love to do this spread on friends so I wanted to ask to better understand timing and likelihood of the soul connection. :) thank you!!

    • Hi there, glad you’re enjoying the site! Timing is only indicated in the way stated and is intentionally set to 12 months. I personally don’t read beyond the year as I don’t find it constructive for living in the here and now. You could make it 6 months if you choose (or any other time span) – it’s up to you!

  12. I just this and it was crazy cool! I am not totally sure of what to make of it since I did not think of a time period and the story that appeared to me was interesting. BTW, I had 6 of cups that was either the very top or the second from the top. My cards were in the order of 2 of swords, the lovers, king of batons, the pope, 6 of cups, 5 of swords, 6 of batons, 8 of coins, and the 5 of coins.

  13. Hi Lisa, first of all: thank you for your very inspiring blog and spreads!
    I have a specific question about this one. I’ve done the reading and found my soul significator (which led me to say “Oh crap!” out loud. After two soul mates I very much agree with your article “3 reasons why…”). But next to the soul card there were no Ace or 6 of Cups which means I have to wait again (I wait 6wks, last time there were no significators present). But I was wondering…what if I do this reading again and all of a sudden the other significator shows up or none at all?
    Can you easily say this means the universe has changed the rules on me or does it mean something else altogether (like I’m supposed to skip looking for the 2 signif’s and carry on where I left off…with step 4)?

      • Hi Lisa, I meant if I did another reading in six weeks, since I only found a the soul significator but not an Ace/6 of Cups. So according to the spread it means I’m not to know more at the moment. So, if I did another reading with this spread in a couple of weeks and I would see the other significator (instead of the Soul Card) or no significator at all, what would that mean? (Did the universe change the answer or do I need to start the next reading at step 4?).
        I hope this clears things up.

  14. Hi Lisa! Thank you for your awesome website. On December 8th I did this spread and I got the 6 cups with my soul card the Hermit. And then last night I did the spread again just to see if I would get the same outcome. I got my significator card which is Queen of Wands and Ace of cups. What does this mean? I’m wondering if I can change my own destiny? That nothing is written in stone. But in 3 weeks? confused :(

      • ok got it then i did it right =)
        i like this spread…. it was accurate and i messed up the first time. i didnt proceed to the next step i stopped and shuffled again and tried again and still got what i was meant to get…suprisingly the ace of cups and 6 of cups was in the spread of higher power. it was awesome!!

  15. Thank you so much for your time.
    I also had a problem with the choosing of cards if the ace/6 of cups is the 4th to 2nd last of the cards on either left or right. I got it! though, I hope.
    I really broke it down if it helps your future readers,

    4 cards need to be chosen on left of the ace/6 cups and also to the right but if your short on either L or R then…..

    Fanning cards from left to right, winning card to the left and rest fanned out to the right.
    left as your beginning and the right as the end of your fan out,
    if your ace/6 of cups is one of the ending cards of the right side of the fan out
    then go to the left of your fanned out cards and choose the rest of your missing cards from this side. L to R

    If the ace/6 of cups is found at the beginning of the left side and there isnt the rest of your other four then go to the right side of the stack and get the rest from R to L.

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