Garden of Fertility Tarot Spread (Will I become pregnant?)

The Empress is always a welcome sign in a fertility reading!

The Empress is always a welcome sign in a fertility reading!

I’ve been uhmmm-ing and ahhh-ing all day about whether or not to share the pregnancy Tarot spread that has been brewing in my Tarot Spreads Creatrix brain today (yes, I have a one track mind!). The inspiration for this spread comes from a spread called House of Fertility that one of our readers shared in the Pregnancy & Fertility Card Combinations comments thread.

The thing is, I decided quite a while back not to read professionally on pregnancy for ethical reasons. Since it requires a medical diagnosis and has to be handled by medical professionals for the duration of the pregnancy as well as during delivery, I felt it was best left to leave this question in the hands of a trusted doctor.

I also have a thing when it comes to readings where there is little room for free will. I don’t read on death for the same reason. I like to use the Tarot in a co-creative and proactive fashion and there is very little room for anything other than pure fortune-telling when it comes to these types of readings.

That said, I have had great results doing pregnancy readings… but great results alone are not enough to abandon ethical considerations.

Please consider this Tarot Spread post FYI/entertainment only. Have fun with it but do see your GP if you have any fertility issues or questions about conceiving. The same goes for the Pregnancy Tarot Spread I posted a while back, and also the Pregnancy & Fertility Tarot Card Combinations.

I will not be helping out with interpretations in the comments thread below but do feel free to share your own experience of using the spread. If you do want others to pitch in with their take on the meanings of the cards and combinations, I suggest you post your reading (with a link back to the spread) on one of the Tarot forums.

Garden of Fertility Tarot Spread

Deck used: Swedish Witch Tarot (aka Jolanda Tarot)

Deck used: Swedish Witch Tarot (aka Jolanda Tarot)

1-3 Her overall health and wellbeing

4-6 His overall health and wellbeing

7-8 Advice for her, relating to the cards above

9-10 Advice for him, relating to the cards above

11 How the soul about to incarnate feels about the prospect

12-14 Most likely outcome (set a time-frame – 6 months is good, max 12 months)

15-16 Environmental factors that could affect conception during the first half of the set time period

17-18 Environmental factors that could affect conception during the second half of the set time period

It goes without saying that this is an advanced spread due to the sheer number of cards. However, if you study the Fertility & Pregnancy Card Combinations carefully, you can use those as a key. For instance, in the cards above, we can easily see that although the soul of the child (11) is willing to join with the parents-to-be, this is not likely to happen within the next 6 months.

The advice for the mother-to-be is to be patient and stay optimistic (7-8) while the troubled relationship which is causing her stress settles (1-3).

The environmental factors could be anything surrounding the couple that would have an adverse or positive effect/impact on trying to conceive. Do use visual clues. Learning to read the cards like a story rather than individual card positions is helpful for this type of spread.

You will find a great learning resource here: Top 10 Tarot Tuition Tips

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  1. Lisa:

    I have a question about the layout. For card #11, you state, “How the soul about to incarnate feels about the prospect.”

    This seems perplexing to me. I always assumed that an incoming soul had made this arrangement and is a willing participant. Meaning that they felt great about showing up, want to be here, etc… The wording above seems to me like the soul might not fancy showing up and the act might be against its will?

    I have zero experience or knowledge regarding reincarnation or souls. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

    • Good question. If this card position looks negative, it could be indicating that there is no soul available to this couple. It doesn’t meant that they each on their own will remain childless but it does indicate that they are not meant to have a child together. This card position then becomes a karmic indicator of barrenness for this particular couple. OR it could mean that the timing is just off. Remember – there is a set time frame of max 12 months for this spread.

      Death in position 11 is a card I would see as ‘no, it’s just not going to happen for you two.’

      Also good to keep in mind: Some soul contracts where there is a lot of karma to burn off are less than rosy, so the soul might be a bit hesitant….

      • Hey Lisa gr8 spread
        Did this for friend of mine n got Death reversed on 11 position
        N world, chariot and 9 of pentacle as out come.
        Reading also had star and sun..
        Kind of confused plz help

          • If the outcome looks good then yes… remember, this position is just about how the soul FEELS… For instance, Death reversed here could indicate a magnificent calling for a highly evolved soul that hasn’t had to reincarnate for aeons but has now agreed to descend. It is HARD to shrink down to 3D when you have roamed the heavens an eternity. To be born to earth is to die to heaven a little… This could simply indicate resistance on the level of emotions.

          • Thank you Lisa… You made my day… Actually my friend is married for 15 years n no biological child..they adopted a daughter but still want one of their own… N they are losing hope……Just love you more for your early replies.. Thanks a ton..

    • Hey Lisa! Thanks for the great spread. . Wanting to share my reading and hopefully get some insight from others :) Much love and light to all

      1-Page of swords 7 – V Pen
      2-IX Pen. 8 – I I Pen
      3- R. Sun
      9 – III Pen
      4 – Strength. 10 – VI Pen
      5 – King Wands.
      6 – Magician. 11 – 5 Swords

      12 – X Swords
      13 – R. Justice
      14 – Tower

      15 – Hierophant
      16 – Page Pen

      17 – Emperor
      18 – King Wands


  2. So I have a question about a card that you may or may not be able to answer. So would you consider the chariot a positive card? This card is kinda of in the netural area for me??

  3. I did see that but I seem to have misplaced my book so when I read your interpretation of the chariot card I just was kind of a little stumped on the message part o.0 thats why I wanted to know if to you it was a positive card or not I’m sure I’ll figure it out lol

  4. Hi Lisa!

    I was hesitant to do this spread on me but I’m so glad I did. I want to share my interpretations so they can be witnessed by all, and feel free to offer input if you want :-)

    Cards 1-3 for my health: reversed ace of swords, reversed queen of cups, the devil. I am not at all surprised at this, I have been struggling with regular cycles most of my life, recently I started taking meds to help regulate my hormones. This is telling me I need to not only take the meds, but I need to start exercising and watching what I eat to regulate my hormones. The devil card shows my struggle with food addiction that isn’t helping my weight, thus affecting my fertility.

    Cards 4-6 his health: reversed page of cups, reversed 6 of coins, reversed king of cups. This shows me he is not emotionally or financially ready for a baby. He is working on balancing himself through spiritual work.

    The great thing about these first 6 cards are they are something we both are aware of, working on, and something fixable :-)

    Cards 7-8 advice for me on my health cards 1-3: the star and 10 of coins. Omg I was so happy for this!!! It basically is saying have hope, don’t give up, work on balancing your hormones and you will have the happy family you seek. Yes!!

    Cards 9-10 advice for him on his health cards of 4-6: judgement and the empress. Another great sign! He will be successful with his endevours and we will have a baby! It’s all about timing as I see judgment is a major timing card.

    Card 11: the magician. Oh man I started crying because I was so happy the soul coming through is going to be a little shaman like his mommy and daddy :-) I always felt it would be a boy, which is what I wanted, and I’m so happy he will be on the spiritual path too. Won’t be surprised if he is fully awakened seeing as though myself and my partner are very active and involved in the spiritual community.

    Cards 12-14 most likely outcome in next 6-12 months: 7 of swords reversed, knight of swords, the hanged man reversed. This kind of confused me on interpreting it, and if anyone has thoughts on it I am open to them :-) I took it to mean I would try to get pregnant but be unsuccessful? But I don’t know what the hanged man means, maybe an accidental pregnancy that ends in miscarriage or not being able to carry full term? We are currently not trying to have a baby and it would be unrealistic for me to get pregnant this year when we both have so much to do. I’m actually relived I am interpreting this as not being pregnant this year because we are not ready. Lisa can you shed insight on why the timing is wrong for this year?

    Cards 15-16 environmental factors that can affect conception first half: the sun and 10 of wands reversed. For the 10 of wands I immediately thought stress which is true for both of us because work is busy right now. Financial troubles for both of us too so we have some burdens on our shoulders. As far as the sun goes, I just took it to mean my little magician baby is not ready to come. Lisa, any insights on that?

    Cards 17-18 on environmental factors affecting the 2nd half: 2 of wands reversed and ace of wands. I took this to mean that one or both of us (my partner and I) would either be doing a spiritual practice where we can’t have sex for a period of time ( he is Buddhist and in a practice right now where he has to stay celibate for three months, I just finished a practice where I had to be celibate for a year) so this is not uncommon in our relationship to have to have periods of celibacy for the sake of working with our energy. I also was thinking maybe it means we still won’t be trying to get pregnant. Lisa, I would love your interpretation of these cards too.

    All in all I would just like to ask you all to witness my story, hold my vision of being a mom when the time is right, and giving birth to my amazing baby shaman :-)


  5. Oh man I forgot all about this post until I got the email to confirm following a post I just commented on today and it showed me all my posts- I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant with a boy! Hubby and I worked through the issues the cards highlighted and I had no problem getting pregnant then :-) and he comes to me in my dreams and tells me what he wants to do and experience in this lifetime- he is such an amazing being! So filled with love Nd gratitude :-)

  6. Asked if Im pregnant on simple 3 card spread with Rider-Waite- asking am I pregnant? I got 1st Ace of Wands, 2nd The Sun and 3rd Hanged Man. What does it mean, especially the Hanged Man??? Thanks

  7. Ok so for the most part all my cards were pretty positive. A lot of pentacles. I even got the lovers card but I’m confused about card 11. I got the four of pentacles. I’m not sure if it’s positive or not. My interpretation on my spread regarding card 11 would be that soul is hesitant because we need to work more towards our ambitions and maybe not as stable as we could be but we could deff afford another baby to spoil so I’m confused.

  8. Oh I’m SO happy I found this post when O was trying to find if I can read for someone who asked me when she will conceive. I’m new to tarot and very uncomfortable yet to answer questions demand a timeframe. I’ll try this spread. Thankyou so much for this post Lisa!

  9. Hey Lisa,

    Great spread I have 2 children already and me and my partner are having problems conceiving I did this spread and for most part I can see my health issues and his I think is more less wanting me to get pregnant so bad its hurting him that im not :( but I would love your input on card 11 -6 of cups and 12-king of pentacles 13 hangman 14 6 of swords is this a positive sign? MY Interpretation for 12-14 are that it will take some time before I get pregnant and the timing might be longer that 12 month’s what do you think any help would be well appreciated thank you :)

  10. Hi Lisa, i done a basic 6 cards reading asking if me and my partner will have kids together and i got the following cards:
    1.The Tower
    2. Judgment
    3. The Hermit
    4. The Hierophant
    5. Nine of Pentacles
    6. Ten of Wands

    Can you please help me interpreting this??


  11. Hi I’ve done this reading before but since the last time I have recently taken supplements to help with fertility issues that are all natural and so far I gotten a cycle that was before 38-42 days now at a 28 and not to get into much details but I re did this spread for me and my partner and I wanted the input on card 11 the fool ? Is the soul ready to come in before I had 6 of cups in this position… also 12: 2 of wands 13: the empress 14: the sun reversed? I want to believe I will conceive very soon but the the sun rx had me worried? Any input would help please thank you

  12. I got a fairly positive reading using this spread but wanted some insight on card 11, I got the page of wands. Would this give clues to the sun sign of the incoming soul? The sex?

  13. hi Lisa :) could I get your input on this spread. For card 11 I got the high priestess and for 12-14 i got 9 of wands, the sun and strength. I don’t know exactly what to make of it time wise and if i will become pregnant.. hope all is well :)

    • It’s very difficult to just read one or a few cards separate from the others… My advice is to show the whole reading you did to fellow Tarotists on a Tarot forum as I sadly don’t have time to decipher huge, complicated readings like this on an individual basis at the moment. Blessings

  14. So out of curiousity I did this and recieved a pretty positive reading. However, I am confused about 11. I got five of wands. Now I was told by a reader previously that there is a bit of competition between two souls as to who is coming first (I have lost two sons and she told me both would like to return). Just wondering if this could possibly be indicating that or if the potential soul is actually hesitant to come at all. Or maybe I just shouldn’t read so close to the holidays during extreme emotion, lol. Any insight would be appreciated!

    • I can’t really comment on readings done by other psychics! Also, it is very difficult to just read one or a few cards separate from the others… My advice is to show the whole reading you did to fellow Tarotists on a Tarot forum, as I sadly don’t have time to decipher huge, complicated readings like this on an individual basis at the moment. Blessings

  15. i Lisa,
    Would love to get your opinion here. I’m amazed how symmetric this is in terms of the Kings on my (her) side being exactly where the Queens on his side are. I’m assuming I am the Queens (different facets of my personality) and he is the Kings (different facets of his).
    My interpretation (please correct me…) is that we will eventually have 2 kids but not any time in the next year.
    1-3 X Pentacles, IV Wands, King Swords – marriage?
    4-6 VII Swords, III Pentacles, Queen Wands – he’s got doubts about his relationship with me?
    7-8 King Cups, V Swords – I question his commitment and wonder whether I should walk away?
    9-10 Queen Pentacles, VI Pentacles – he’s only physically attracted to me?
    11 Lovers – Twins?
    12-14 The World, IX Swords, II Swords – not going to happen in the next 12 months?
    15-16 VIII Pentacles, VI Cups – Work + Memories / Trauma from my childhood get in the way for me?
    17-18 Page of Sword, The Devil – Personal insecurities get in the way for him?

    • All cards contain the full spectrum of meanings from light to dark. I would hesitate to call any of the meanings ‘good’ or ‘bad’ since we are here to learn and grow and need a variety of experiences to do so. Swords in a fertility reading usually mean that the body is not ready though… it could be the body of the mother or of the incoming soul… or both.

  16. Hello lisa,

    I’ve done this spread last year when trying to conceive and I had a lot of delay cards timing was bad but I been really happy this year has been great for me some and my partner had the baby discussion and I remembered this spread

    1-6 of cups 2-10 of pentacles 3-ace of wands

    #4-the lovers #5-queen of pentacles #6-page of cups

    #7-the judgment reversed #8-9 of pentacles

    #9-2 of swords reversed #10- the emperor

    #11-knight of cups

    #12- the hierophant

    #13-10 of cups

    #14-the sun

    #15-8 of wands #16-ace of cups

    #17-the star #18-page of wands

    Any input on card 11 about the soul? And does 12-14 cards look postive for future baby? That night made me feel like it could be a water sign boy? Just curious I’m excited :) I have good vibes and feelings on the energy of this reading almost like it his year l could be the year we conceive

    Lots of love and blessings Lisa

  17. Hi Lisa I just came through your website and I have find it very interesting. I tried reading my own cards but got very confused. Would you please help?
    1- the devil, 2- King of wands, 3- the moon reversed.
    4- nine of swords, 5- ten of cups reversed, 6-eight of swords
    7- justice reversed , 8- temperance reversed
    9- ace of pentacles, 10- star
    11- six of cups
    12- three of wands 13- judgement, 14 six of wands
    15- knight of cups
    16- eight of wands
    17- the empress
    18- seven of wands

    Am at lost what number 11 is trying to say. Will you please help me! Thank you!!

  18. Hi Lisa

    Thank you so much for this fantastic spread. I have gained a lot of insight from it and it is generally a positive reading for me full of helpful advice.

    For the outcome I got
    #12- 9 Cups
    #13- 10 Swords Reversed
    #14- 9 Wands

    I’m a little confused interpreting this.. 9 Cups is incredibly positive but then we come to 10 Swords (REV) ..? Could this indicate miscarriage? 9 Wands makes sense as I do have infertility issues and a previous loss so i’m assuming its indicating the stress and anxiety associated with that, but i’m finding it difficult to link them up.

    Also do you think it’s curious that the numbers are 9 10 9 could this mean anything?

    Card #11 was Page of Cups which is so positive!

    Thank you in advance for any input

    L & L

      • in this position i’m interpreting 10 swords as a sudden painful ending to something, or traumatic experience so in reversal i’m struggling to identify whether this is fear of it happening again or maybe something more positive like the struggle being over?

        aaahh ok I didn’t realise you dont read reversals, how does this combination read to you just out of interest?

        • Top tip – don’t read with reversals until you know how to interpret them! Without the reversal, I would be inclined to see this as a happy outcome after a long hard battle.

  19. Hi Lisa, I’m be no means tops at reading yet but I’m working on it. In position 11 I have King Cups (he always tuns up somewhere for me), in 12-14 6 coins, 6 cups and 2 cups. So as far as I interpret these, I read all four very promising. What throws are 1-3 where I have Ace wands, 5 wands, 8 swords being weighted down (as it feels ot me) with 5 swords with Judgement (4-5). If you could shine some light on this for me please I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much.

    • This feels like someone who is conflicted about being pregnant although on one level (Ace of Wands) she clearly desires it… Not sure who you are are reading for here… if you are the guy, you sould know better than I do what the interaction between her and your cards means… if you are reading for others, which of the two is the Seeker here? I’d rather not comment more since I don’t know who this is for or what your relationship to them is. Peace

  20. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for your insight. Wow! I think your interpretation could have pinned it down perfectly. I was reading for her (she is a dear friend of mine) She does truly want too get pregnant, more than anything actually but as it turns out still has the treads of childhood fears of the actually labor & birth somewhere buried at the back of her (conscience) mind. I don’t say sub-conscience because she is aware of this and is working on releasing those fears. I feel that when she does she shouldn”t have any problem getting pregnant. Would you be inclined to see it that way (if she overcomes the childhood fears that surface every now and then)? Thank you again so much for taking time to look at it for me, I really appreciate it! Love & Light.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, feedback and questions. Please note that, while I'm happy to answer questions about individual cards, I don't interpret spreads. I get several requests every day about interpreting DIY readings based on my spreads. Even if I had the time, I don’t think it would be a wise investment of my time to ‘read on readings’ – A reading is done in synergy between the cards, the question and the reader… in the MOMENT.

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