Heart Healing

A Christmas Love Wish

9 of Cups - Arcturian Tarot card image

9 of Cups (the ‘wish card’) – Arcturian Tarot

Dear God/Goddess,

My Christmas wish is that all women, young and old, will feel deeply loved this Christmas.
Help them realise that true love comes from within and has to begin with Self.
Give them eyes to see their own beauty with, as well as to reveal the true intentions of men that cross their path.
Show them how they grow in grace, beauty and unconditional love through acts of compassion and service.
Help them recognise how truly powerful and wise they are.
May they know that they do not need a man to complete them and lead them deep into the process of Soul Alchemy until all that blocks Love’s path has been burned away.
Help them be supportive of their sisters instead of feeling like they are in competition with other women.
May they feel worthy of the kind of love they so easily bestow on others and may they keep faith that their worth does not diminish with age.
Help those who are stuck in abusive relationships to stand up and walk away say ‘Fuck it’ and book a permanent holiday from abusive men.
And help all women everywhere realise that to settle for less than they deserve will give them even less than they settled for.

Amen, so mote it it be and so it is.

☆ Lisa Frideborg  


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