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Mary-El Relationship Tarot Reading

The Mary-El Tarot is a deck with so much oomph, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it ‘Tarot dynamite.’ Looking for a quick fix? This ain’t it! The Mary-El demands that you dig deep and look your Shadow straight in the eyes.

In the companion book, Landscapes of the Abyss (yes, it really goes that deep!), Mary White, the creatrix of both the deck and the book offers an amazingly insightful 7 card relationship tarot spread.

I thought I would give it a go…

7 card relationship reading with the Mary-El Tarot

7 card relationship reading with the Mary-El Tarot

1. Her heart
2. Her mind
3. His heart
4. His mind
5. Foundation of the relationship – what brought these two people together. Here you can see if the foundation is solid and if it meets the needs of both people
6. Advice (for her or him – choose before laying the cards out)
7. Potential outcome – indicates the direction which the energy is presently flowing (not set in stone)



Before I delve into the individual card interpretations, I need to point out the Elemental component of this reading. 4 out 7 cards belong to the Earth Element (Disks) and the remaining 3 are Water (Cups).

There is an absence of sexual energy (Fire/Wands) and also of communication (Air/Swords).

That said, Mary White has a slightly different take on the suit of Cups:

“Emotions are a language that our subconscious uses to motivate us, to prod us, to communicate with us.”

1. In her heart there is nothing but unconditional love for him, as shown by the 9 of Cups. Looking at the imagery, we can see that this relationship is ending the paradigm of thoughts about relating. The scorpion is biting the foot of the baboon (an aspect of Thoth) and sending him on his afterlife journey.

2. The 2 of Disks image symbolising what is happening in her mind seems apt, as she is using both her solar and lunar consciousness (solar and lunar disks covering the eyes) to try to see both sides, to empathise, to discern, to balance what is within with what is without…

3. In his heart, the 4 of Cups indicates that he is slowly allowing the subconscious dream messages and emotions to surface, allowing himself to feel them fully and to contemplate them in the temple of his heart. This is not a linear process but a deliberate unveiling of a precious pearl.

He is aware of a meaningful connection but not yet aware of what it actually means and is therefore watching and waiting.

4. In his mind, the Page of Cups indicates that while he is aware of the potential for unconditional love, he is not sure how to manifest it. He is a willing student of relationships but may not be able to vocalise his questions and prefers the realms of dreams and fantasy.

His ideals are high and once the rose-tinted glasses fall off his nose, he may be more likely to run and hide than deal with the harsh realities of life and relationships. As the image indicates, he has turned his back on it all.

5. The foundation of this relationship is the 5 of Disks. The disharmony inherent in all fives is present here too.

It is the pit you have to go into to retrieve the gold, the knowledge of yourself, of your destiny. – Mary White

It’s the challenge of retrieving paradise inside the flesh and thus graduating from the challenges of all the fives.

6. The advice comes in the shape of the Ace of Disks and I take to mean to enter the Labyrinth fearlessly, with full ownership… like Asterion himself.

We are man, god and animal, just like the Minotaur, and in our hearts is found a golden seed.

Now that all the elements have come together the Sun is born, joy is born, the source of all is born, from the womb of the earth and the journey begins. – Mary White

Recognise the gift.

7. Potential Outcome: The Queen of Disks is represented by Hathor, just like the Priestess of Disks int he Arcturian Tarot. She lovingly nurtures and prunes any relationship with great patience.

The process doesn’t stop after doing a reading like this. Portals of awareness have been opened and the learning journey has only begun…


Arcturian Blessings,

☆ Lisa Frideborg Lloyd  

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  1. That is exactly the spread I was looking for. A simple and focused, yet powerful and intense spread to asess relationship-reality.
    So thank you for answering my unspoken wish.:)

  2. Hi Lisa

    I was down & depressed because last night I decided to give up on love, my dream to have it, & everything mainly because this man was telling me something I did not want to hear. I’m a nobody in his life, is that what it is.

    I didn’t even want to do this spread, I don’t know why I just pulled the cards to see, may be I could understand

    Her Heart: The High Priestess, so i’m just following my intuition, that is all that has been guiding me since the day I set my eyes on this man

    Her Mind: Knight of Swords, m tempted to rush, move forward but my heart says no.You can clearly see the battle I’m fighting day & night

    His heart: Three of Swords, Last night he told me about his broken relationship but he said he was over it. is he trying to hide his pain?

    His Mind: Temperance, yeah he atleast appears very calm & tells me to be calm too.

    Foundation: Judgement. This is our second encounter & it was indeed like a wake up call when I met him. it was like a rebirth, a fresh start, a new journey

    Advice, for me: Knight of Wands. Well, I thought I had given up. guess tarot doesn’t want me to

    Outcome: This is where it gets really interesting. Ten of Cups. REALLY?

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but guess m open to one more try.

    Thank you for the great post & great simple spread!

  3. I did a Mari El spread for my girlfriend. Her and her boyfriend have a little 2 year old baby and the father of the baby lives in a different state. They haven’t seen each other since the baby was born and she even got engaged to a different man( very wealthy man) but then she broke up an engagement. Lately the father of the baby and her started communication and he had been saying he really misses her and planning on seeing her and the baby a lot this year. Here the card positions.
    1 her hear- 2 of wands, she feels as the harmonic relationship but their lives are going parallel to one another
    2 her mind-3 of wands, she thinks she did all she could and now waiting for the love ship to return and thinks they all 3 can have a good loving family.
    3- his heart, he feels that that can be a marriage both prosperous and loving, looking after grandchildren together
    4 his mind, he is thinking about moving in together( after all he is almost 50 and successful lawyer and she is almost 40 and they have a child together, first one for both if them)
    5 the foundation of the relationship – chariot, that was a long distance relationship for 3 years before the pregnancy occurred and her boyfriend was trying to be in control the whole time
    6- advise for her -5 of cups, even though he hurt her in a past she should not dwell on the past pain.
    7-the potential outcome- 9 of discs, she feels secure and good a Quinn in her garden.
    That was my interpretation of the reading, I welcome any suggestion. Thank you, Olga

    • Hi Olga, perhaps you could post this spread on the Aeclectic Tarot forum and ask them to help with interpretation as I personally do not have the time to do so. Please post a link to the spread if you do so. Blessings, Lisa

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