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Less is More – A One Card Love Tarot Reading

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

The above quote by Rumi, and also working in-depth during last weekend’s Tarot conference with answering the Big Questions with only one card under Rachel Pollack‘s wise and guiding eye, made me want to explore a One Card reading for myself about the one question that should concern us more than any other when it comes to love relationships:

What is my main block to love right here, right now?

I chose to work with the Sirian Starseed Tarot for this and pulled the 7 of Cups.

What does the 7 of Cups tell me about my main block to love right now? Off the top of my head, I can think of three things:

* It is quite possible – likely even – that I am deluding myself about certain aspects of my own personal love life.

* It is also possible that clarity can only be gained by going deep into meditation and/or seeking guidance from an external source.

* Past experiences can have tainted how I view love or my possibility of being in a healthy (i.e. non-codependent) love relationship.

I actually believe that there is a strong indication here that I would do well to get a reading from another reader – someone I can trust to be objective!

Someone recently asked me how you can read the cards objectively for yourself and the main guideline is, of course, to read as if you were reading for someone else – preferably writing it all down or recording it so that you can’t change your mind about it later!

Sometimes, even if we pretend we’re reading for someone else, it becomes impossible to be objective enough – I believe pulling the 7 of Cups is a very good indication that subjectivity itself is the issue!  No one is immune to needing external guidance every now and again and there is no shame in asking for help.

Oh, and if I were pulling this card for someone else, I would advice them to look at issues of co-dependence. Fer sure. And since those issues aren’t easily resolved, I would possibly even recommend seeking counselling or some other form of help!

Angel Starlight Blessings,

☆ Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Hi Lisa
    I often read this card as setting love sights far too high and expecting perfection. Comparing partners to a dream is unrealistic and usually leads to disappointment!

  2. 6 of Pentacles for me.

    Hmmm I’m reading this as maybe a reminder to keep a give-and-take mindset. Reminder that there’s always another person involved and it’s not always about me.

    …I think that may be a fancy way of saying I’m being a bit selfish x.x

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I find what you said about reading for yourself and how it can be done – and sometimes can`t be done at all- very fitting. I see it the same way, and usually like to have an outside perspective. Writing it all down as if reading for someone else is a SUPERB idea.

    As for the 7 of cups, maybe it sometimes can also mean that one is jumping to conclusions too fast? Like if you notice a certain resonance and sympathy, concluding too fast that this person might be the ONE, and from there it is not far to interprete everything in that – often not very realistic- light.

    • ok. I did this reading for me as well, and suddenly a card juped out of the deck, which I usually take as an important sign to REALLY pay attention.

      The card that jumped out was: the Queen of Wands

      I am not sure what means though. How does she relate to my block in love? If anything I feel that I am MISSING some of her qualities. Well, I resonate with this card inwardly, but externally I often express more like the Queen of Swords unfortunately.
      Does that reading always tell you what the block is or can it also be what the way to cure the block is?

      Or if not, what could be the problem here?

      • Yeah, jumpers are IMPORTANT! This one card shows you the NATURE of the block. You could pull another for the remedy but I would recommend gaining certainty about the nature before you pull a second card. Where in the body do you feel this card, Ceri? How does this energy come out in relationships? And… How do you RESIST this energy in relationships?

  4. I find the question about the body interesting.
    Where do I feel this card? I`d say the area a bit below and above the navel. Never sure if it is the solar plexus or the sacral chakra. I feel though that the energy is forcibly blocked. Like taking in a deep breath and stop the flow. Which is probably exactly what I am doing.
    Despite the warmth and fieriness and temperament of the Queen of Wands she is for me a symbol of great independence. She doesn`t rely on anybody. Which is something I identify with to a certain degree, externally only. It is very different how I feel inside.
    But actually a friend once told me that I often easily scare off people who would like to contact me, becuase I seem to be so very much myself and independent, as if I didn´t need anybody.
    It is not really the truth, but it surely was interesting and alarming to hear something like that.
    It is sadly true that I might come across like that. My defenses are very high, but then I would associate defenses rather with the Queen of Swords.
    As for the last question I guess I resist relationships in general, especially the physical aspect.

    • I did pull a second card how to cure this block and I pulled 6 of wands. It`s all coming back to the suit of wands. All about simply going with the flow and maybe it is as simple as just enjoy and live every single moment as if it was the only one.
      WEll, I theoretically know that.

  5. Yes, I gained some insight, which is why I love reading tarot for myself. It is a direct gateway in my psyche, if I am centred enough to accept the messages.

    I pulled one card on one thing I can do, and it was: Knight of Pentacles.
    Now I am at a loss actually.

    Work? Doing something practical and traditonal?
    Well keeping both feet on the ground is always a darn good idea for me. lol

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