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Stages of the Twin Flame Relationship Tarot Spread

Many people yearn for and/or struggle with Twin Flame relationships right now. More Twin Flame relationships than ever are being activated as we near Earth’s ascension threshold. It is good to know that there are some clearly recognisable stages on the path to perfected Twin Flame love, and that we are not alone in our struggles.

Does everyone have to pass through every stage? No. The key is surrender to love at every turn. But you cannot surrender on behalf of your Twin Flame and no matter how surrendered you are, they may still have a while to go before they are ready.

The only thing left to do then is to accept this and to channel the love and passion you have have in your heart into creative pursuits and divine service.

The spread above is one I was inspired to create upon watching the video below. I pulled one card each for myself and my Twin Flame, for each of the 7 stages outlined in this video:

1. Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening
2. Testing
3. Crisis
4. Runner dynamic
5. Surrender
6. Radiance
7. Harmonising

The card on the left is mine and the card on the right is my Twin Flame’s. I immediately recognised a clear pattern for my Twin Flame’s journey to the Harmonising stage… Can you see what it is?

Feel free to share your own TF reading either here in the comments below.

Angel Starlight Blessings,

☆ Lisa Frideborg 


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        • I don’t think it could ever start out as anything ‘casual’ because of the inner knowing that this is something ‘more than’ and ‘other than’ anything you have ever experienced before. That said there are some extraordinary friendships where both parties know they have come together to serve… and I don’t see why a TF relationship couldn’t start this way.

  1. Is it possible to have a twin flame partnerships with friends? Or does it just apply to romantic relationships? Thanks :)

  2. Hello Lisa :)

    I was wondering if there is a spread out there that can tell you if you have already met the man you will marry? Or “the one”? That would be interesting :)

    • You can use pretty much any general purpose spread for that, Mar. Simply look to the ‘outcome’ card for your answer… or use a simple yes/no one card draw. The Ace of Cups is yes, of course. The ‘maybe’ cards will show you if it is still in the balance, etc…

      Steer clear of the temptation of asking more than once though – the cards don’t take kindly to that!

  3. Would an Emporer and Empress in the Harmonising stage indicate a physical reunion in this incarnation? Im assuming so. We have recently come together again after a long “break.” Its going…. Im not not sure what stage we are in, But I am ready to shit or get off the pot…pardon my french. :)

    • I suppose it could do – are you sure the reading is about the one you just got back with… I mean, really REALLY sure? :D Because if you are, it wouldn’t take you long to figure out what stage you are at.

  4. Hi Lisa, loved the video, the music was awesum and the guidance too….. felt like its my story, not sure what the outcome wld be! huh…
    few doubts, seeking your guidance :)
    Everyone meets his/her twin-flame and reaches the harmonizing stage in every birth? Also, can a person have more than one twin-flame?
    regards, annu

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