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A Relationship Happiness Tarot Spread Inspired by Gandhi

Did you know that today is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday? He is one of the most inspirational and quote-worthy people who ever lived, so I decided to honour him with a relationship Tarot spread based on one of my favourite quotes of his:

Gandhi about happiness - picture quote - child with sunflower

The spread below can be used for any type of relationship and is not limited to love and romance.

relationship tarot spread image

1. a & b) What you and your partner are thinking about each other
2. a & b) What you and your partner are saying to each other (how you communicate)
3. a & b) What you and your partner are doing to each other (how you treat each other)
4. a & b) Advice on how to create more harmony between what you think, say and do.
5. Current happiness potential


Be the change you want to see in your relationship! :)

☆ Lisa Frideborg


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8 Responses to “A Relationship Happiness Tarot Spread Inspired by Gandhi”

  1. Seeing Through Dark

    My take on sample spread:
    1) person a thinks b is too quiet & mysterious & no adventure while Person B thinks A is very harsh & not-so-interested in them
    2) Person A is usually into self-pity talk (because b is very mysterious & doesnt open very much) & B is very aggressive (because they think A is very harsh on them)
    3) A is trying to clear things in area of communication (trying to get B talking) & B is trying to just hang in there & see how things pan out (I think this is why A thinks B is very still for their taste).
    4) Both are pages, so both need to learn more about each other. A needs to be more compassionate (because B thinks they are too harsh) & B needs to be more practical.

    There is definitely a chance for improvement & moving towards something better.

    Just my two cents..

    Lovely spread


    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

      Great interpretation of this spread, STD! :) Well done! I don’t have much to add to it really. Glad you like the spread and hope you find it useful for self and clients! xx

  2. Ana

    A wonderful spread.
    My own sample, for me and a male friend:
    1a (how I see him): Chariot; 1b King Wands;
    2a: Knight Cups; 2b: Page Pentacles;
    3a: Ace Wands; 3b: The Hanged Man;
    4a: 3 Wands; 4b: Wheel of Fortune;
    5: 2 Cups.

    Two cards were very literal to me: Chariot (he is a man with a Sun in Cancer) and 2 Cups (we have both Venus in Cancer) :-)
    Can anyone tell me something about the position 1b (he sees me as a King on Wands…?);
    Thank you

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

      Hi Ana, thanks for commenting and glad you like the spread. The King of Wands corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarians are known for their love of Philosophy and higher learning. They often embody the Teacher Archetype. On the flip side, they can also be seen as the class clown, as they are natural entertainers and love to make people laugh. The King of Wands is the Visionary among the Court Cards, and inspires others to be their best and brightest. He, or indeed She, is well travelled and intelligent but oddly seems to suffer from foot-in-mouth disease, as sometimes what they perceive as being frank is just on the wrong side of polite. Hope this helps! Blessings, Lisa

      • Ana

        It fits me, yes. I like to demystify situations, sometimes I say too much, and people feel a bit frightened (although after they may give me reason, but at the time …) Yes, its my sun-mercury squares jupiter. Thanks, Lisa!

  3. Jennifer

    just the spread that I needed!!!…..my take is that I need to stop talking about the same thing over and over again?? ( getting engaged, looking for a ring) I was kinda stuck on that card and the knight of swords do I give him too many options with the 7 of cups? any help would be appreciated….

    My Sample Spread

    1a- 8 of swords 1b- 8 of pents
    2a- page of pents 2b- the fool
    3a- 7 of cups 3b- 9 of cups
    4a- 10 of swords 4b- knight of swords
    5- Ace of cups ( extra card to clarify potential was Judgement card)

    Thank you Lisa!!! :)

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

      Hi Jennifer. Could you please re-post this with the card position meaning together with the cards you pulled please. I reply to the comments on the moderation page and I can’t see the spread here. I wouldn’t have time to reply to all of these comments if I had to jump to the individual posts. (And because I have created well over 100 spreads, I can’t remember the card positions for each) Thanks!


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