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Past Life Lover Tarot Spread

Not being one to mull over past life stuff much, I felt compelled to do a Past Life reading based on an Aura reading I received last night.

The reader confirmed a past life I have known about for quite some time now. I certainly wasn’t Marie Antoinette but I lived a life as a woman during the French revolution – a life that sadly ended by decapitation. One glimpse of that life that I was given during meditation many years ago, was of me running to get away from the revolutionaries. I looked down at a black heavy skirt, cursing it for slowing me down as I was running across stone floors inside the monastery where I was hiding.

The piece of information that Jennifer added was that apparently I had entrusted an expensive necklace into the keeping of my lover. Wanting to know more about the significance of this since I am aware of throat chakra issues, I decided to create a Past Life Lover Tarot Spread.

8 card tarot reading with the Rider Waite Tarot

1. Me
2. Him
3. Higher reason for coming together in this life-time
4. How I felt about him
5. How he felt about me
6. How we first connected
7. How things progressed
8. How they ended

1. The World. Yep, this is definitely me – The World is my personality card in this incarnation too!
2. The King of Pentacles. He was rather well-to-do, which would fit with my own social standing in this incarnation.
3. 6 of Pentacles. The 6’s relate to the Heart and Higher Heart chakra and the 6 of Pentacles means we have come together to learn to be open to an equal flow of giving and receiving.
4. 7 of Swords. Ma-ha-aaajor trust issues!
5. Knight of Cups. Genuine love.
6. 6 of Wands. I get a sense of meeting during a big social gathering of some kind – a celebration. I also get a sense of social standing playing a major role in how we perceived each other.
7. 5 of Swords. From this card, I realise that it was the revolution that made it impossible for me to trust him, because he was a man of means he was not nobility. Thus I was enable to entrust him with my necklace but not with my life when the lines were drawn.
8. 4 of Pentacles. In the end, I died full of mistrust – my throat chakra firmly shut down. The 4 of Pentacles is a sure sign of fear of intimacy. the 4 of Pentacles corresponds to Sun in Capricorn – the Sign my soul chose to incarnate under in this life-time so I would have to master this lesson.

I cannot begin to tell you how much sense this reading makes in light of my current life situation (no, really – I’m keeping that part private :) ), but I will say this much – I was born with Mercury retrograde so that I would have to face my fears at this level of my being. Mercury rules communication and a retrograde in a chart means you have to turn the spotlight on the shadows within your own self.

☆ Lisa Frideborg
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  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog and was very intrigued, in general as well as with that spread especially. So I tried it out, though I am pretty new to Tarot (at least actively doing it).

    1. Me: 3 of wands
    tells me, that probably I was a creative individual, outspoken and straightforward. Of course wand relates to fire, and it fits that I have a STellium including Sun in Sagittarius in this incarnation.

    2. him: Hanged Man
    Now, that got me confused for a moment, and I suddenly had a weird image of someone being “crucified” in my mind, though I think it is more kind of symbolical. He might not have “fit in” into society back then; as a matter of fact I relate that to recurring dreams I have had about him beng part of a travelling theatre troup in the middle ages.
    Also could signify that he was not really the most realistic guy. I read that the Hanged Man is related to Neptune, and interestingly in this life he has got a Pisces-ASC. Makes sense I guess.

    3. reason for meeting in this lifetime:
    6 of cups
    Now that gave me major goosebumps, cause I had an email tarot reading on him once, and the 6 of cups came up as answer to the nature of our connection.
    On top of this if I am drawing cards for questions about him and me myself, the 6 of cups will frequently pop up (along with the 2 of cups).

    But about the meaning, probably one reason for that pull I feel towards him in this life is rooted by the familiarity, caused by the past life emotional connection. Just a bout of spiritual nostalgia probably. ;)

    4. how I felt about him:
    Wheel of fortune
    I felt our relationship had a very fated/ destined quality, but was unpredictable in its turns.

    5. how he felt about me:
    9 of cups
    I was all he could have wished for? LOL
    No really, he seems to have liked me quite a bit. He felt a deep emotional connection to me?

    6. how we first connected:
    6 of pentacles
    in a more sober environment than the cards so far would have led me to believe? lol
    Something about equal give and take? Maybe a business transaction even?

    7. How things progressed:
    Did I mention my dream about him being part of a travelling theatre troup? Thinking a bit more literally, maybe I went with them?
    Maybe we teamed up for some kind of project, but despite our emotional connection, we might not have acted on any kind of sexual attraction?

    8. how they ended:
    Queen of Wands
    Not sure how to interprete a court card in this position, though again it reminds me that this time I am a Sagittarius. lol
    Maybe it means that in the end the warmth and also physical attraction generated was quite high?

    Thanks for this inspiring spread, even though it probably gave me more questions than it answered. But that is what I love about tarot, it leads me deeper into my soul.


    • Thank you for sharing this, Ceri, and so glad you enjoyed it! You seem to have gained some deep insights here and you should definitely trust your intuition – it all rings true. Just one thought I’d like to add. The Queen of Wands there could mean that your relationship ended because of the interference of another woman. You could perhaps do another reading to confirm.

      • Thank you. This confirmation definitely helps. I basically know the meaning of the tarot cards, just am sometimes insecure if I am doing it “right”, putting it all together, so confirmation like that is very helpful.
        That is an interesting thought about the other woman, and yes, I agree it makes total sense.

        One question though: can I make another reading on a similiar question, or would the second one be inaccurate? I have been dabbling a little in horary astrology, where you should not ask the same question twice. How is it for tarot?
        Cause I already wondered if it was okay (and would give valid results), if I did that other spread on past life connections.

  2. You know, I’ve seen you comment several times about your throat chakra issue. As a fellow introvert and cap, I’ve wondered and felt that my issue lies there as well. The symptoms of a weak throat chakra have been apparent since childhood. I suppose I can certainly learn more by looking into past lives. I do have to ask you though: do you feel there could be a correlation to your current chakra issues to your zodiac?

    • Yes, I do – It’s been a recurring theme for me and four 9 year pinnacles in from nearly choking to death as a young child, I feel that I’m ready to face karmic and ancestral issues in awareness. With Saturn in Taurus (throat/neck), in my 11th House, I am prone to deal with these issues in public; With my chart ruler (Mercury Rx) in the 9th House, I learn by teaching. It’s all one nice big jigsaw… So what do you see in your own chart with regards to your throat chakra issues?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, feedback and questions. Please note that, while I'm happy to answer questions about individual cards, I don't interpret spreads. I get several requests every day about interpreting DIY readings based on my spreads. Even if I had the time, I don’t think it would be a wise investment of my time to ‘read on readings’ – A reading is done in synergy between the cards, the question and the reader… in the MOMENT.

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