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Top 10 Tarot Cards & Combinations for Reconciliation

Tarot of Vampyres Two of Grails and The Lovers

Someone asked me on Twitter the other day what the main cards for reconciliation were. When doing a reading to see if reconciliation with an ex will be possible, the following cards and combinations usually indicate success:

tarot card imageThe 2 of Cups, is always a good sign of reconciliation, especially together with The Lovers, The Sun or The World (very ‘happily ever after’). This is the ultimate ‘love
reciprocation’ card.





tarot card imageThe 3 of Cups means ‘happy days’ again – especially together with the 2 of Cups. However, watch out for more 3’s in the same spread, as this could indicate that he will be back but you will not be his only love interest. Although not a commitment card in its own right, together with The Hierophant, it can indicate marriage.

Tarot card imageThe 6 of Cups can indicate the return of a soul mate lover, especially together with the Ace of Cups (in which case it will either be first time you meet in this incarnation or you get a chance to have fresh new start), 2 of Cups, the 4 of Wands, The Sun and The World.





tarot card imageThe 10 of Cups as the outcome is a sure sign that you will settle down and bring up a family together, especially together with the 4 of Wands and the 10 of Pentacles. This is a case of your lover returning because he realises he really wants a future with you.






tarot card imageThe 4 of Wands is the ‘moving in together card’ and therefore it is likely that your reconciliation leads to settling down together, or one of you moving back to be with the other person. This is especially true with any of the Cups cards mentioned above.






tarot card imageThe Hierophant is a card of commitment so if you’ve been dating a commitment-phobic and this card shows up in the future, surrounded by other cards indication reciprocal love and partnership, you will win his heart for good in the end.






tarot card imageThe Lovers can indicate that he chooses to come back. Look for the Hierophant in the same reading to indicate that he also chooses to finally commit. The Lovers together with two or more 3’s indicates a continuation of a love triangle.






tarot card image

Justice together with Temperance and the 2 of Cups can indicate that a marriage heading toward divorce will be restored. If Justice is found in the future position, together with The Hierophant and/or the 3 of Cups, wedding bells will chime even though it may seem it would take a miracle (they do happen, you know!).





tarot card imageTemperance can indicate a lover returning after healing of emotional wounds. If the 3 of Swords is present in the past and Temperance is found in the present of the future, all the bad news brought by the 3 of Swords will be erased.






tarot card imageThe Sun in the future position shows a return of good times in general and can be a strong indication of reconciliation if found together with the 2 of Cups or even the 2 of Wands. A relationship signified by the 2 of Wands shows two headstrong lovers who may have been driven apart by pride and willfulness. When the Sun shows up, it could indicate that they have  learned to compromise. Granted, this will never be an easy relationship but neither will it be dull or boring.





tarot card imageBonus card: The 9 of Cups indicates that your wish (any wish) will come true. However, if this card shows up in a position signifying your hopes, it does not indicate that your wish will come true – only that you wish for something to happen with all your heart. Be careful to weigh the 9 of Cups as the outcome against the original question. If your question was will he come back, the 9 of Cups is a ‘yes’ but it doesn’t give you much detail about under what circumstances or for how long.

Please be aware that these are not the only indicators of a reconciliation but they are the ‘usual suspects’ based on my own experience. Feel free to suggest other cards and combinations in the comments section below!

If you enjoyed this post and are looking for a great spread to do a reading about a possible return of an ex, you might want to check out The Ultimate “Will He Come Back?” Tarot Spread.

This post was illustrated with images from the Morgan Greer Tarot – a great deck for beginners.

☆ Lisa Frideborg


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  1. when asking if my ex would return i have gotten these cards in the outcome position, nine of cups,three of pentacles,the lovers, seven of pentacles…and he did return :)

  2. Hello Lisa, First of all, It’s great to know that I can post now :D Hurray ! And second, Thanks a tonne for the post. I love your posts as they make it so easy for me to understand Tarot and inspire me to further explore it :) Keep up the good work !

  3. I would add the reversed Five of Cups… seeing that you have made a mistake by separating, and then deciding to recommit to the relationship. It may be more driven by missing your partner, though, and you would want to see some positive change cards in the reading to ensure this was sustainable.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Brigit. In a combination where someone returns due to regret, this could be seen by the upright 5 of Cups followed by the 6 of Cups if you don’t read with reversals.

      Sadly, there are many people who go through cycles of break-ups and re-unions, without doing much (if any) work on themselves in between… The Devil is often present in readings for such a couple, representing a sort of destructive, yet indelible bond.

      In a reading where there has been true regret and repentance (perhaps not a word we should throw on the scrap heap quite yet), you would expect to see cards such as The Star or The Sun following the 5 of Cups.

      • Hey guys i did the spread mentioned earlier called “how he really thinks” i almost got excited but then i saw that it was telling me he has moved on with a new younger woman because i got the tower in 1st position 6 cups in 2nd. i got an ace of cups but its in the 5th position with the page of wands as the outcome. Am i right?

  4. Hey Lisa so I did another reading and these are the cards I got;
    6 of cups. (Reversed)
    7 wands
    Queen on wands reversed
    The high priestess
    4 wands and 4 of pentacles

    From the reading it looks like he’s my soul mate and we’re going to move in together? The only thing that confuses me is the reversed cards. Should I read them reversed or did I read it properly considering there are good cards around it?
    Thank again for your help :)

    • Oh dear, I can’t possibly comment about how to read the reversals if you haven’t made your mind up on how to read them before you laid them out. Also… which spread are you using? I will say this though, I wouldn’t book the removals van quite yet with the reversed Queen of Wands next to The Lovers…

      • I just asked a question and pulled some cards.. I decided to read the cards the way they would be upright.. I didn’t get any bad vibes from my gut while doing the reading so I didn’t think anything of it, the queen. So does that mean things won’t progress between us because of the queen or that he will move on with the queen?

      • Well I didn’t think it was another woman haha.. While reading it I did think it was me because I didn’t feel any other energy but mine and his .. I hope I’m making sense

        • I hate to tell you this, but unless she is always you in readings, this is more likely to be another woman. Then again, I wouldn’t count this reading as you didn’t decide beforehand whether to read with reversals or not. That is a pretty basic requirement for an accurate reading.

          • Well I wasn’t sure at first whether I’d not to read the reversals but as I kept looking at the cards that fell around the reversals I decided to read them as upright cards.. And I’ve gotten the queen before.. I never got any bad vibes and I didn’t think anything of it.. But I will keep that in mind when I do a future reading thank u :)

            By the way, I had a question, what do I make of a reading similar to this only difference is my girl friend is single and she is mingling but she asked a general question about a guy she met once. Since I’m not a professional we just did it for fun and I told her to make nothing if it.. But she got good cards like the 6 if cups, hierophant , lovers, 9 of cups. The way I interpreted her reading is that things might actually work out for this random person she met :)

          • Cynthia, considering the fact that you haven’t mastered the basics of Tarot yet, you’re probably best off waiting a while and studying up before doing readings for friends.

            You need to be clear on how you read reversals and also the meanings of the court cards.

      • If it helps usually when I ask about him and me the chariot card pops up a lot.. Frequently almost.. The only thing I take from that is that we’ll overcome obstacles together.. It sounds like he’s a keeper but I’m not going to base my judgement solely through tarot. I’ve been cheated on before so I do tarot every now and then to make sure it’s not happening again .. Thanks for being so prompt with your responses truly helpful :)

  5. I did. A spread and obstacle was Lovers, recent past was temperance and recent future is Justice with an outcome of ace of swords.

  6. Hey I did a 3 card spread and we recently went through a separation that was very short and he has been saying he wants to marry me anyway for how he feels I pulled the sun upright temperance upright and the hierophant upright? Could this be backing up his talk about marriage?

  7. Hi Lisa I asked the question “what is the probability of man x and I having romantic relationship in the future” Problem is he is married & I don’t cheat. I had a very specific dream about being in his home about to consumate our feelings when his wife walked in (she had apparently not been in the picture, but she was happy to see me & called me by my name). I felt confused. I have psychic dreams often about significant things in my life. Anyway, that is why i asked the question. The cards were the lovers, the sun, the 6 of cups, and the ace of cups. I always use upright cards. I felt “led” to use four cards. Any insights? Thanks!

    • Judgement means a final choice will have to be made with regards to this situation. I would see this three card combo as inconclusive with regards to possible reconciliation. The final decision will be made once the full truth is revealed.

  8. Hello!

    I pulled the lovers and temperance for the future between myself an another.
    Not currently together at the moment after separation… What would you say about this combo?


  9. I just got the Temperance card for the final outcome of my relationship along with the 3 of swords somewhere 5 cards behind. I pulled two cards though for the final outcome that was the 4 of cups and the Temperance cards.

      • I believe it was now. I am asking for any help I can get. I don’t remember asking for the past but only the present and the future. I am getting several swords cards in my readings and its making me anxious thinking this person I love is involved with someone else. Suddenly he has started ignoring my phone calls and avoided me for the past two weeks. He will answer sometimes but not without being angry with me. He will not give me a straight answer.

          • I’m not sure anymore cause I love him I guess and I don’t think he’d care if I left. He just disappears and doesn’t think he needs to explain why to me. He gets angry with me for no reason but lately my cards say nothing but deceit and lying from him. Maybe this was never meant to work from the start. He is ten years older and very bossy and controlling.

  10. Hi Lisa,

    I was wondering what are your thoughts on The World as the outcome in a reconciliation? Everytime I do a reading on my ex coming back I get the world as the outcome card.

  11. Sorry, that’s what I meant, outside influence, I find it hard to see the sun as outside influence. So my question was is the sun a bad omen for reconciliation in this position?

  12. Ok thanks a lot Lisa, l just feel like we have unfinished business, we ended the relationship because of misunderstandings. So the world as the outcome, which usually means completions, kind of confused me

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