Flower Spirits

Love in the Language of Flowers

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Having a great love for flowers and oracle cards, I remember how excited I was when I came across the Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare many years ago. Sadly, they are now out of print but you can still buy used copies cheap on Amazon.

Connecting with the spirits of flowers is one of the quickest way to open the heart to love – like laughter, flowers have the power to evaporate negativity and blocks to love.

Earth laughs in flowers.

– David LaCapelle

The more we choose to open our hearts to love in one area of our life, the easier it becomes to open the heart to unconditional love at all times, no matter what the situation. The Heart Chakra is not unlike a muscle in that it becomes stronger every time we choose to love.

Try pulling a card (or rune, or stave) each for how to create more loving relationships in these three areas:

  • Romance
  • Family
  • Friendships

You can use any divination tool for this. This is the result of my reading with the Flower Spirit Cards:

1. Romance – Opium Poppy: My romantic love relationships would benefit from a willingness to make myself more vulnerable. Becoming vulnerable can be scary but it allows us to become truly free… free from fear and judgement – completely free to love and let love in.

I’m Capricorn with Venus in Capricorn in the 8th House. Vulnerability is not something that comes naturally to me but I’m willing to work at it.

2. Family Love – Echinacea: Echinacea strengthens immunity and is thus connected with the root chakra and Mother Earth. Having been abandoned as a child and moved around a lot, I’m slowly learning that it is safe for me to put roots down. I have the strength I need to help my children feel safe, grounded and secure in the knowledge that they belong.

3. Friendships – Violet: In the past, I didn’t feel safe enough to be anything other than extremely self-sufficient. The message from violet is that it is safe to reach out and become part of society:

If you have chosen Violet spirit’s card, it urges you to take more time to be with others. Begin to reconnect with friends, extended family and the people you love and enjoy. (from the companion book)

To summarise: The reading for myself with these cards was extremely accurate. It highlighted my main challenges in each area and showed me the way forward. I thank the flower spirits for the generosity with all my heart.

I would like to offer the Flower Spirits reading as part of my regular email reading services for the same price as the One Question Love Tarot reading. Just specify that you want a Flower Spirits reading in the contact form.


☆ Lisa Frideborg

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