Relationship Advice

30 Quick and Easy Ways to Sabotage Relationship Happiness

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In no particular order except number 1, which is number 1 for a reason:


1. Going against your own gut feeling.

2. Keep making excuses for a man who doesn’t have time to even send you a text message.

3. Trying to change your man. There is only one person you can change… and that is you!

4. Changing yourself and adapting to a man’s needs, sacrificing your own needs and even your true self.

5. Using guilt and blame to emotionally manipulate your man.

6. Clinging to an abusive relationship, telling yourself that things will improve.

7. Talking about your man behind his back.

8. Rushing into a new relationship, holding nothing back.

9. Ditching your friends as soon as you hook up with a guy.

10. Not having any personal boundaries.

11. Not speaking up when your personal boundaries are violated.

12. Taking your man for granted.

13. Looking for a man to keep and support you financially.

14. Believing that a man you met while he was cheating on his ex won’t cheat again.

15. Not allowing yourself time to heal properly between relationships.

16. Looking for another person to complete you.

17. Believing that having a partner is the only way to achieve happiness in life.

18. Not allowing your man any personal space.

19. Checking his mobile/cell phone.

20. Discussing your man and/or your relationship on Facebook.

21. Assuming you know everything about your man (see point 12.)

22. Treating stray dogs with more respect than you treat your man.

23. Expecting him to be able to read your mind and punishing him when he gets it wrong.

24. Bothering more about controlling him than about controlling your own emotions.

25. Being stingy with the words ‘thank you,’ ‘sorry’ and ‘please.’

26. Sweating the small stuff.

27. Believing that all men are *your choice of derogatory term*

28. Believing that he owes you *fill in the blank*

29. Comparing your relationship to other people’s relationships.

30. Not celebrating your love every single day!



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