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Help I’m Hitched – Get Me OUT of Here!

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Are you married or in a long-term relationship and less than delighted with how things are going? No matter what your situation is, this Tarot Spread can help you start turning things around by switching the focus from blaming your partner or outer circumstances to owning your own stuff.

*Magickal Tarot Tip*: It’s ideal to perform this type of reading on a Friday between 9-10 PM – the hour of the Goddess Venus. Light a pink candle and invoke the Goddess of Love for guidance and protection, if you like. Don’t forget to thank Her when you have completed your reading!


1. Knight of Wands – You are making yourself unhappy by dwelling on all the excitement of hooking up with past lovers. You miss the butterflies and are asking yourself ‘Is this it? Are the butterflies gone forever?’

2. The Hierophant – You are projecting the quality of responsibility onto them. Your are being critical either of them trying to be in charge or not taking enough responsibility for your future happiness. Authority is another quality you are projecting and the temptation is to see your partner as ‘dull’ and ‘boring.’

3. The Knight of Cups – It’s time to go in search of those rose-tinted glasses you misplaced a while back and bring the romance back! Focus on all that is good and beautiful in your partner and find ways of celebrating them. Take any opportunity to express your love and appreciation and watch the dim view you have recently started to take blow away like whisps of smoke in a balmy summer breeze.

4. The Wheel of Fortune – Fate brought you together. Great things are still waiting to be achieved and explored as a couple. Your very ‘luck’ may even depend on sticking together!

5. 10 of Cups – Soul Alchemy and relationship bliss. Family happiness and possibly children. Definitely worth fighting for!

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